Sunday, December 14, 2008

The start of something new?

Friday 12th December was the official last day of school for the year for Joel & the whole of year 10 - they had their graduation assembly & Joel & his yr 10 music band performed a few songs for us all to enjoy. The first song - Baker Street - I was totally gobsmacked! I am so accustomed to him always playing guitar - but for this song he came out & was on drums! And wow, he did an awesome job...they all sounded so great! It made me feel so very proud of him - and even moreso when other parents would comment on how talented he is :). I have no photos to share (insert very annoyed face)...things were such a rush that morning, that I didn't even think to take my camera - how bad is that?!?! But one of the teachers - who is also a scrapbooker - was there taking photos - so I am going to ask her if she would kindly email me the photos that she took of the band. I do however, have a couple of photos that I took of Joel earlier that morning....wanting to capture this milestone.......

Yes, the ipod is practically permanently embeded in his ears!
**rolls eyes**
Doesn't he look oh so grown up? & so NOT wanting his Mum to take his photo!

As the title of this post suggests - the start of something new......this being the last day of yr10 for Joel - may even be his last day of school altogether - which as a Mum, is pretty scarey! As I have mentioned in a previous post, Joel did work experience up at an Aircraft manufacturing/maintenance/service place & now works for them each Saturday morning (which is great!). They have asked if he would like to work all through the school holidays - and that if he likes it - and they think he is suited to the job (which they have already indicated that he is - and that they will be most likely looking for someone next year) - that there could be a permanent full time job for him there next year - with the plan to send him to TAFE to learn all sorts of different things, such as metal fabrication, engine mechanics etc etc - after he's been there a while. It's such a scarey thing to have to decide - even though the decision is ultimately Joel's - sometimes I think he is too young (won't turn 16 until Feb next year) - even though I was the same age when I left school, & I worry that he may lose contact with his school mates who are returning to school. I guess that's all normal to worry of these things as a parent....but I just have to believe that what is best for Joel, is what will come about. He has indicated a while back that he didn't really want to return to school next year - he feels that he wouldn't be able to "cut the mustard" that's required for years 11 & 12 - but I think he underestimates himself - and I'm sure he'd do fine....but if he wants to leave & take on this job - then he has our full support....but it's still scarey! Did I already mention that?

On Tuesday 9th it was Miss Kate's 19th Birthday. She got herself some lovely presents & had a great day (so she tells me). Again - no photos - we barely seen her all day or night - during the day she was working and that night she went out with her friends (yep, I'm really feeling pretty bad about the no photos - perhaps I can get some "after" shots of her with her presents - and just pretend they were taken on the day? But I'll have to plead & beg her to stay home for just an extra 1/2 hour or so, so that I can take them) - have I mentioned that this girl is NEVER home?!??! We had planned to go out for dinner last night for her birthday - but things in our household never go to plan (the reasons are another story, that I won't get into now). So we bought take-away instead to have at home & a nice chocolate mud cake for her birthday cake. After dinner, Kate went off to get ready to go out (oh yes, this girl is a real social butterfly/party animal) - and well, the cake - I don't think I want to talk about the cake - or even think about the cake - it's a little too upsetting. So, lets just say....the cake didn't happen. (I'm sure everyone out there in blogland (well, the few that visit my blog) will probably be thinking - wow, what kind of family is this?!?!?!
Lets just say that I will be when the teenage years are over!

OK, onto other news....I totally enjoyed my week off last week, and managed to get all my christmas shopping done....YAY! This year we are going down to Dave's mums for christmas - so that means all the food etc wasn't on my list - which also means that I won't be the one preparing all the food for the day (thank goodness)....although I will be helping his Mum on the day - but that's a whole lot easier than doing it all yourself! I honestly don't know how women who work full-time manage to do all this stuff! Not just Christmas - but just everyday life! I only work part-time & the weeks that I work I really struggle and sooooo look forward to the next week off!

A couple of photos of Oscar - this dog is always SO happy & loves to play. He was playing with this blue football - that is flat & has been out in the yard since who knows when & the rubber has gone all powdery from being out in the sun & weather - so he ended up with all the blue stuff on his face - oh so cute!

Scrapping News....
Not much scrapping has been done lately....just a few LO's to share....

Some of you may remember I did a LO of this a while back - I have replicated the LO & mounted it on a piece of 6mm thick MDF & it sits on this cute little stand (thanks Julie!)....and this is going to be a little gift from me to my MIL - the man playing the trumpet is my FIL - who passed away 8 years ago. I think she is going to LOVE this! :)

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!
Until next time....toodlepip!


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