Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cyber Crop....

..... Is on this weekend, starting Friday 26th, at Scrapbook n Bits & will be hosted by the very talented Mel Heather. So if you're up for a few challenges, some fun games....and a bit of chatting - head on over to Scrapbook n Bits & join in on the fun!

Thankyou to all those who have left messages of congratulations for my CT position at Scrap the Boys ...... they're very much appreciated <3

Friday, June 19, 2009


I have the most exciting news to share - and have only just been able to "officially" announce my good news!.....I have been chosen as one of the CT members at Scrap The Boys challenge blog!!! (insert icon doing the happy I couldn't believe it when I got the email....but wow, was I excited! :) I'm really looking forward to the challenges as a CT member over the next 6 months.....& feel really honoured to be included with the very talented group of ladies making up the CT team - Really looking forward to working with them all and being inspired by their gorgeous work!
Here is the list of those who have made the CT team...go check out their blogs & their gorgeous work!...
Wendy Smith – Australia
Amy Welch - Arkansas USA
Kerryn Fry - Australia
Anna Koziarek - Poland
Leanne Triggs - Australia
Hayley Turner - Australia
Aphra Bolyer - Louisiana USA
Pia Salem – Lopez - Philippines.
Hannah Blair - New Zealand
Wendela Lam – The Netherlands
Nadhrah Maidin – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Linda Eggleton – Australia
Monique Follet – Australia

A few weeks ago I was also asked to be a CT member at the 123 Challenge blog representing Scrapbook n Bits .... a position I will be sharing with the lovely Ceci! So, I am also totally stoked about this position & very much looking forward to working with Ceci & the 123 challenge girls!!! :)

While we're on a roll with announcements, It seems that I have been tagged......twice over! (lol) by both Ceci & Niq .... so here goes with my answers....

8 Things I Look Forward To

1. Our holiday to Norfolk Island just after Christmas!
2. A few days off work next week
3. Getting started on my first CT layout for Scrap the Boys!
4. Spring! ....I'm so over winter already. lol
5. Winning the lottery! (one can only wish & hope)
6. DD moving back home - hopefully with a new appreciation for home & us <3.
7. DH getting out of trucks & having a more local job :)
8. Hopping into my snuggly warm bed tonight!

8 Things I Did Yesterday

1. Went to work - (booo hoooo)
2. Did an online scrap class at SnB with the lovely Niq
3. Bought a new suitcase for DS for our holiday
4. Received a gorgeous RAK in the mail from Jane
5. Ate a naughty lunch of chips with gravy
6. Booked my car in for a service
7. Played with my dogs :)
8. Bought a lottery ticket.

8 Things I wish I could Do

1. Be better at managing my time
2. Get everyone to pick up after themselves!
3. Have more family time - we all seem to be in different directions all the time!
4. Travel to Ireland, Scotland, England & Wales - for about 3 months should do it :)
5. Win the lottery! so that we can get out of trucks & the crappy lifestyle that goes with it & to help fund #4. lol
6. Be a better cook
7. Not be so shy
8. Solve the worlds problems
8 Things Or Shows I've Watched Lately
I'm going to include things I've seen at the movies lately, because I really don't watch that much TV...

1. The news (yep, pretty boring huh!)
2. The boy in the striped pajamas
3. State of Play
4. Defiance
5. Changeling
6. Grand Torino
7. Sunday Night
8. Sixty Minutes

I am now meant to tag another 8 beautiful Blogs ....but I think just about everyone has already been tagged! But if you'd like to have a go - just tag yourself & go for

I have also been awarded this little blog award by the lovely Niq - thankyou Niq!. I am unsure how many people I am to pass it on to (but again, I think most have received the award already), so I will pass it on to the following 3 lovely ladies...

And now for some scrappy shares.....

^ June scrap the boys challenge - Boys & their toys

^ June White with 1 challenge - White, Red & Brackets

^ Scrapbook n Bits Monthly challenge - using the colours Pink, Green, Brown & Yellow!

^ June 123 challenge - Fabric, 6+ buttons & hand stitching.

Well that's all from me for now - I'm feeling extremely tired because this post has taken me forever because blogger doesn't seem to want to play nice!...grrrr

Hope everyone has a fab weekend....take care peoples :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Quick update....

My oh my....where has the last month or so gone??? I'd swear the time goes faster & faster, because I keep complaining that it's whizzing by at too fast a pace. Maybe if I stop mentioning it, it'll slow down? Do ya think?, I wish!

Anyway...just a quick update of layouts, because I'm too tired to even think about what's been happening since my last blog episode.

Most of these LO's are from various challenges...I may be pushing it a bit to actually try and remember which was for what challenge....but I'll give it a shot!

The first 2 LO's are from my recent online class that I hosted over at Scrapbook N Bits on 27th May. I had a fabo time doing the class with a great bunch of gals, who all loved their finished LO's :)

This one was for the May Scrap the Boys challenge - using things that measure as embellishments & having the word "Grow" or "Time" in the title......

This one was for the latest CC challenge at SnB - using at least 2 photos, round cardstock base & at least 20 (i think) brads......

Another CC challenge at SnB - using a Becky Fleck sketch.....

CC challenge at SnB - using lots of circles & spots in both embellishments & papers.....

This one was from a free class that ToniM hosted over at SnB - just gorgeous! Love those lollipop flowers!......

May - White with 1 challenge...using white, olive green & birdies.....

Well, that's about it from me for now. I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend ....although if the weather is anything like it is forcasted here, I think it's going to be a stay at homer! So, maybe that will mean some scrapping time....yeahhhhh!
Cheers everyone.....and have a good one!


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