Thursday, February 19, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I don't know where the last couple of weeks have gone...they've been such a blur! I hate it when life feels TOO busy....and that's how it's been feeling these past few weeks.

I'm even having trouble remembering what has happened, so I can blog about it....or maybe that's just old age creeping in?!?! :-o

Lets see...maybe I'll do this in point form..that might help jog my memory!

* 5th Feb was Joel's 16th Birthday....he had a quiet, but good day...with some very nice presents.

* 6th Feb - Joel passed his Learners Test...we're now in for lots of time on driving lessons....yay what fun!

* 7th Feb - Black Saturday! Bushfires in Victoria that are now being called the worst fires in Australia's history. The stories & images that are coming out are just horrific. The people just had no warning...and in some cases, no time to get out. So many people have lost their lives....and so many homes totally destroyed. The toll has risen each day over the past 2 weeks and now stands at 201.

The Red Cross Bushfire appeal has been amazing....over $100 million dollars raised. Australians really know how to dig deep & rally when there is a crisis....makes you very proud to be an Aussie!

* 10th Feb - Joel started Tafe at Bathurst as part of his apprenticeship. He'll be attending each Tuesday for the next year....and it seems its ME who will be the designated driver. There are 2 other kids that we take each week as well, and I was hoping that the trip each week could be shared....but that's not the case! the other parents just aren't able to take it's me! The days are long - we leave home at 6.30am & arrive home about 5.45pm....and I have to fill my day in by finding things to do - unless I drive the 110km back home, then go back in the afternoon to pick them up....but that would mean around 440km :-o

Not much else of interest has happened....that I can remember.

Not much has happened on the scrap front either....travelling to Bathurst every week, plus having to work an extra day on my normal week eating into my time...and I just haven't had much time to scrap lately. I'm hoping it's just because it's been a busy couple of weeks, and that it's not going to end up being a permanent thing....that'd be really depressing! is 2 LO's I've done since the last post.....

This one was for the Feb White with 1 challenge. When I first seen the criteria of an all white LO, I thought it would be too difficult & wasn't going to give it a go....but then I thought, it would be a real decided to go for it. I'm reasonably pleased with how it's turned out....but am now thinking that maybe I should have left more white space....that maybe it all looks a bit too busy!

And this one was also for a challenge....the Feb sketch challenge at Anna's Craft Cupboard. I just love how this one turned out...using the yummy BG Granola PP's & other bits & pieces.

Well, that's it for now....hope you're all having a fantastic day, and until next time....Toodlepip!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I eventually got the problem sorted out so that I could get to the SnB forum....after lots of frustration, I found & joined a really excellent computer help forum who advised me what they thought the problem was....and it was something as simple as downloading Internet Explorer 7!!! As soon as I downloaded it....walllaaaaaa, I had access to the forum! YIPEEEE

It's all official....Joel is now signed up for his apprenticeship at P & G Aviation!He will be starting his Tafe course at Bathurst in Engineering - fitting & machining some time next week....still not sure of the exact details yet, I'm waiting for them to get back to me with all the info. But it's looking like I will need to take him over to Bathurst each's about 110km to Bathurst, so it's not like I can just drop him off & come home & go back to pick him, no,'ll be an all day event! So I'll have to find myself lots of things to do in Bathurst to keep myself occupied.

Miss Kate has finally got herself a new car!!! She decided to not go for a brand new one....I think once she seen what she'd be up for each week & how much of an impact that would have on her social life....she opted for second
She's got herself a very nice sporty looking Mitsubishi Lancer....hopefully she'll have many years of safe, troublefree running with it.

This is the only photo that I have of it so that we took at the car yard.
She has already gone for a little road trip in it, her first ever road trip on her own....down to Batemans Bay for the weekend to stay with Pauline. She had a great time....didn't get lost (lol) or have any major it's all good!

On the scrapping front....I wasn't successful with my submission for the DT position at Scrapbook N Bits :( ....the 2 very talented ladies that were successful are Niq & Melissa.....well done girls! So looking forward to what you have in stall for us!

Here are a couple of LO's to share that I've done since my last blog post.....

This one was for the Guest DT competiton @ Scrapbook N Bits...using the yummy BG Wassail PP's.

The next 3 LO's are all using the Prima Youth range....I've finally just about used it all up from my stash! May get 1 more LO out of it.....

This last one is from the Prima Happy Panda workshop at Scrapbook N Bits that Julie did last how my LO has turned out. My LO is a bit different from the workshop....I opted out of using paint & masking tape. Thanks for the fab class Julie!

Well, that's about all for now.....I have a BAS statement that's calling me!

Till next time....Toodlepip!


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