Sunday, January 31, 2010


I can finally let the cat out of the 
I have known this for approx 6 weeks & it's been sooooo hard to not be able to say anything!  I am very excited to announce that I have made it onto the Scrap the Girls CT team ....YAYYY. 

I am really looking forwrard to working with Kate & the rest of the talented CT team over the next 6 months.  I can't show you my first LO until tommorw when the Feb challenge will be announced on the STG blog.  But I can tell you that it's a fantastic challenge!.....So make sure you check out the STG blog !!

The other  talented ladies who also made it onto the CT are:
Amanda O'Donnell
Emma Allen
Jen Hall
Julie Takacs
Kerry Murray
Kirsty Piper
Tracey Hunter
Kate Middleton
Go visit their blogs & check out their fantastic work!

Here is a little sneak of my Feb LO.....

I will be back tomorrow sometime to announce the challenge & share the complete LO :)

Thanks for stopping by & happy scrapping!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

And some more layouts.....

From various challenges ....

Jan sketch challenge at Bon's - to use at least 2 die cuts/journaling spots & to use specialty paper from Bon's......I really LOVE how this one came out! :)

WIOIN yearly in review challenge - to scrap something that you did each month.
This is mine for Jan - coming home from our Norfolk holiday :(

Manon's Sunday roast challenge at Scrapboutique (a blind scrap)

January write now challenge at Bons - To scrap about something new; multi alpha title & masking tape.
This is my gorgeous Oscar with his new ball - that no-one else is allowed to he loves it so much.

Game on is in full swing over at Bon's....if you haven't signed up yet, there's still plenty of time, so why not come on over & join in!?!?!  :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Challenge Blog COMING SOON!

I have made it onto the CT of a new challenge blog!!!.....
Here is a little sneak of a LO I've done as a CT member for the new blog that is starting in FEB called KRAFT IT UP!!!  Click HERE to go & check it out & add it to your favourites....Stay tuned - more will be revealed on 1st Feb!!! It's going to be an awesome challenge blog......


I've been busy cyber cropping over the weekend......

Em's sketch challenge - Jan CC at Scrapboutique  using just 3 colours & a bit of white was also allowed- also to leave negative space.  I just LURRRRRRVE this sketch :)

Karen's colour challenge - Jan CC at Scrapboutique....& to use at least 3 photos.  Gorgeous colours!

Felicity's scraplift - Jan CC at Bon's scraps ....lurrrrve this one too! :)

I do have 2 more LO's that I've completed for various challenges & CC's, but I haven't got around to photographing them yet....will be back with them soon :)

Thanks for dropping by :)......Don't forget to go & check out the new challenge blog KRAFT IT UP!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


There is going to be two weeks worth of fun and games and challenges while bon is away on holidays having FUN with Sandie and the WA girls....  so lets PARTYYYY!!!!

there will be chances to gain points through numerous activities during the time bon is away....

* put up your post tally at the start of the comp - you will receive 5 points for every 100 posts you make

* every Bon's Challenge layout you create during Game On will receive 5 points

* you will receive 1 point for participation when joining games, challenges etc, winners will receive 5 points

we will be having scrap n chat nights, bingo, blog-hopping, photography & random challenges - all sorts!!! so make sure you REGISTER for it!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just a quick update....

of a few LO's I've done recently....busy day ahead, so I best get on with it :)

^ ^ This was Sandie's sketch challenge for the Jan CC at Bon's.  I just LURRRRVED Sandie's LO & had heaps of fun with the paint.  Thanks for the awesome inspiration Sandie :)

^ ^ This one was for the Jan room of the month at Bon's - Man I just love those colours!!!  I used mostly stuff from Bon's Dec boy kit - perfect for this room challenge.  Thanks for the gorgeous room choice, Flis :)

^ ^  This one is for the Jan 15th Stuck?! Sketches.  Again, used Bons Dec boy kit.  I had a go at using painted masking tape for the first time (under the journaling) - but I'm not real happy with how it came out - I think it's too neat looking or  Will have to have another attempt on more LO's.  Anyone got any tips?? lol

I do have a few other LO's - but I can't share them just yet!!!  SOON though *wink*

Well, that's it for now - I best get on with my busy day.....
Cheers  xx

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

9 Favourites from 2009

I've seen this idea happening on quite a few blogs, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon as well :)

In no particular are my 9 favourite LO's from 2009.....

Ok, so that's my top 9 for 09 - there are others that are definitely included in my top 9, but they  have been accepted for publication & I can't include them :(.  

In saying that, being published (although it hasn't actually happened yet - my gosh I wish they'd hurry up & let me know when!), would have to be the highlight for 2009 in my scrapping achievements - something that I didn't think would EVER happen :)

Thanks for dropping by...Till next time, happy scrapping :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

What are you doing.....

On Tuesday night???

There is a cyber crop on over at Bon's Scraps!...I've never been to a CC at Bon's before, so I thought I'd go & check it out :) .  If you're not doing anything....why not head on over & join in!!!
You can check out all the details HERE

Saturday, January 16, 2010

It feels so good.....

To have finally scrapped!  YAY
Last night I decided I was going to scrap - no matter what!  I only did 2 LO's, but boy it still feels good after not scrapping for what seems like forever (probably 2 I managed to get 1 and 1/2 layouts done before going to bed at about midnight last night .....then I finished the partly done LO off this morning :)

So here are the LO's I've done so far this year (I don't think I've shared any this year, have I?  Not that there's all that many!  LOL)

^ ^ Our Crazy Cheeky little midget - This is for Manon's January Stash Stomper over at Scrapboutique.  To use the gorgeous sketch set by Manon, plus to use some photo corners (I made mine just from some PP- easy peasy).  Pics are of our crazy girl goofing off pretending she is a midget (no offence to any little people out there ) .  Thanks for the awesome challenge Manon :)

^ ^ Fun Family canoeing - Another fun challenge over at Scrapboutique.  This one is for Karen's stylist challenge, and boy was it challenging for me!  To use only ONE paper, ONE embellishment (those 2 were the hardest for me), one type of alpha, lots of journaling & pen work, such as doodling etc.  I did lots of doodling around the photos, the outside edge of the LO & around the patterns on the paper just to help them pop a bit.  Although this was a real challenge for me, I can't believe how happy I am with the finished LO :)  Thanks Karen!

^ ^ Never too old to play ball - This was my entry for January's Scrap the Girls, which was another sketch challenge.  I am really loving the gorgeous work that everyone is coming up with over at Scrap the Girls atm - if you're after a bit of inspiration, then head on over & check it all out!

In other news - last weekend I had a long weekend down the south coast at Tuross Heads with my 2 gorgeous cousins that I haven't caught up with for years.  We all had a fabulous time - did lots of talking, drinking & reminiscing of years past.  We also did a bit of fishing & actually caught some!  LOL
My cousin has a beautiful holiday house down there & it really is a credit to her & her partner what they have acheived, but especially Kath, who has decorated it so beautifully....I really was in awe!  I was also able to catch up with an old work colleague who now livese at Moruya - so that was pretty special too!

Here are a few scenery shots from the weekend....

Well that's all from me....I hope everyone is having a lovely scrappy weekend!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Our trip to Norfolk Island

Our trip to Norfolk was fantastic....I loved every bit of it :) 
We did a few night themed dinner tours, the first was a Ghost tour where we had a lovely dinner in one of the old convict built houses at Kingston & the ghost of Elizabeth Robertson who died in 1847 at the age of 24, visited us and told us a few stories about her family & her death...along with lots of other ghost stories.  We then went on a ghost walk thru some of the old ruins....and the cemetary :-0

Here are a few pics....

The ghost of Elizabeth Robertson

The gorgeous old house where we had dinner.

Our next themed dinner night was a Tahitian sunset cliff top fish fry (try saying that real fast 10
The food was super yummy & then we were entertained by Tahitian dancers while the sun set - just glorious.

The beautiful sunset

Most things on the island were VERY exxy....just to do the 2 themed dinners was just over $550 for the 4 of us...hence the reason we only did 2!  lol.  Everything is so expensive because most stuff has to be shipped in, plus electricity there is ridiculously expensive - to compare, here in Aus we pay around 17cents per unit & at Norfolk, they pay 75 cents per unit :-0.  To buy fresh milk, it's about $7.50 per litre!!!  So, everyone just uses the long-life milk, which is still expensive compared to Australia.  Another example - a box of 4 cornetto ice creams was $10 - and I noticed in Woollies the other day, that I could buy 2 boxes of 4 for $ that's less for double the amount.

It is a very beautiful picturesque island.....full of fascinating history - from the convict settlements to the Pitcairn Islanders (who are descendants from the Mutiny on the Bounty) who came to live there in 1856.  All the kind of stuff that I just love!  The kids didn't find it all too interesting though....go figure!  lol

I took around 1,000 pics, but will only add a few here....dont'think I could cope with how slow blogger is at uploading! But I have uploaded 100+ on facebook, so if anyone is interested just let me know & I will add you!

Anson Bay

View from Mt Pitt

Moreton Bay Fig trees - these just looked amazing. (I think I took probably 50 odd photos of

A cow - there were hundreds of cows on Norfolk that just roam along the roadside & they have right of way

View from Puppies Point

Ross's point

View through a hole in a rock to Philip Island

One of the old lighters - that are used to unload ships of their cargo.



View over the old convict area of Kingston - including the gaol.

Ball Bay

all of us standing above Anson Bay

A baby Norfolk pine

One of our walks through the bush

4 of us goofing around

Tail end Charlie & the whipping constable

some hungry geese!

Crowned queen of Tahitian dancing

Ball Bay

A few family shots using the trusty self time.....and tripod :-)

Holiday is over & it's time to fly home

Ooops, a bit more than a few there - sorry about that, but it's hard to pick just a few out of 1,000 or

I hope you've enjoyed seeing just a little of our trip to Norfolk!


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