Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter weekend at Binacrombi

Easter weekend we went to Binacrombi, which is in the middle of no-where, between Oberon & Goulburn. We had a great time, especially Joel....who spent just about every waking minute riding his bike! The last morning was a bit of a bummer....we woke to find that things had been stolen from the bikes. One of the things stolen was Joel's petrol cap, which really bummed him out because it meant that he couldnt get that last ride in for the weekend, before going home. Beats me why people have to stoop to such a low level and steal off other people...there really is no excuse!

Anyway, here are some photos from the weekend......

A Few of the many, many kilometers of bike trails. I don't know how the riders don't get lost out there, there's just so many tracks & trails. I got really confused myself as to where I was and I had only walked a short distance.

The Abercrombie River.....minus the water!
I couldn't believe how dry the river was, at first I thought maybe it wasn't the actual Abercrombie River, maybe it was a little creek that ran off it...but nope, that's the Abercrombie! desperate need of some rain!

Dave & Joel repairing a flat tyre that Joel got out on the track. We didn't have any patches, glue or anything to fix it with...but asked around and people gave us some stuff to get us out of trouble. PLUS, the boys even had to use some of my scrap stuff to fix the tube! They had nothing to sand the tube with, so my trusty sanding block came to the rescue....can you believe it? Never thought I'd see the day that hubby would be using scrap stuff! LOL

Joel in ACTION!
It has been quite some time since I've actually seen Joel ride (besides in the yard at home), and I was pleasantly surprised at just how good he is. He seems to have no fear, and just goes for it! which from a mothers point of view, is a bit scary. :-0

View from the top of a hill that I climbed....straight up!
It sure was a difficult climb, but well worth it.

Our cabin for the weekend.
The cabin that we had was the one on the left of the first photo. There were 4 cabins that shared the one roof, verandah's etc. They were really quite small inside, and very very basic! Even the cups, pots, pans etc were a bit to be was kinda like camping but with a roof over your head.
There was no electricity there, but there were generators that ran at night for lighting...but in the day time....there was zilch! It had a gas stove & fridge...and a gas heater. And to have a shower, you had to light a fire outside an HOUR before you wanted the shower, under these big boiler type things to heat the water. Of course Dave had to have such a raging fire going ,that it was heated in half that time...LOL
(that boy is such a fire bug....he can't help himself!)

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