Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yesterday, being Saturday, meant Soccer for Joel. He just absolutely LOVES playing soccer....and this year he is in a pretty good team, so far they are undefeated. Whereas last year, they didn't win a single game....until their very last game of the season, and they drew. I know that the game isn't just about winning....but boy did he used to get upset & disappointed that each week they just didn't get anywhere...but the whole team never, ever gave up....they would always turn up each week and give it their best. And that's what the game is all about. But he is absolutely loving this year, because they're doing so well...and playing brilliantly.

I snapped a few photos at the game yesterday....and for the amount of photos that I took, I'm quite happy with the 6-8 or so that ended up being good shots. Although, I must admit that there were a few really good shots that I missed....Joel scored 3 goals yesterday, and I only managed to get 1 of them :( ..... I was too busy "watching" and getting excited, that I would forget to take the photos (LOL).....GRRRRR....silly me! are some of the out for future layouts using some of these pics....

Joel about to attempt a shot at goal....but this one was saved by the goaly.

You can't see with the smaller version of this pic...but these 2 are really giving each other the evil eye...LOL. They're waiting & preparing for a corner kick and are keeping their eye on each other.

This is the one that I actually got a pic of the goal that Joel scored.

And this one has been cropped from the photo above....wanted a good, close up pic of him in action.

yesterday was also team photo while the photographer was setting them up for their photo.....I snapped a couple of shots for future LO's. :)


Jane said...

nothing like the "sneak in photo", and great ones at that!!!

hope thing settle into a more "normal" routine for you soon :)

Binxcat1 said...

WOW! Some fantasic shots in there... can't wait to see "the EVIL eye" scrapped! LOL ;)


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