Friday, January 30, 2009


For some strange reason I cannot get into the SnB forum :( keeps freezing my computer every time I try to access it. I can get to any other part of the SnB website....the store, the gallery....just not the forum! And I'm not having problems with any other sites on the internet....just SnB forum. As I said, it just freezes on me....and says it's not responding. I've tried everything I can think of....ran a complete scan....deleted cookies...defragged ....disc cleanup....but still I can't get to it :((((

If anyone out there has any suggestions...or might know what the problem could be...please let me know! It would be greatly appreciated!

Hopefully I will be able to access it soon!

1 comment:

Monique said...

Very sad Linda!
Hope you can get to it soon, I'll miss you!
:0( :0( :0(


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