Thursday, March 11, 2010

SBM Vol 12, No 3....

YAYYYYYY, it's finally done - my first published LO is in here.....

the latest edition of Scrapbooking Memories  
"Cutting the Cake" - page 82  :)))))))

I didn't think I would be so excited, seeings that it seemed to take forever from when the LO was first accepted, until it was actually published - but it's now done & dusted! 
Wonder when they will let me know about the other 8 or so LO's that have been accepted?  - soon I hope!

I have been clearing out some of my scrap stash over the last week or so.....something that was way overdue!  Dear Lord, I have so much stuff!  I really think I need to seriously stop buying stuff until I have used the majority of what I already's just so hard when all this new yummy stuff keeps coming out...ahhhhhhh.  I will, at the least, need to stop buying so much....I can only try!  LOL
Wonder what I could do with all this stash that I am clearing out?.........

OK, on to some scrappy shares.....

"Mr Attitude" - March sketch at Bon's.  You also had to include Felicity's painted circle technique - which is such a cool effective look!

"Magnificent Sunset" - March Stashstomper over at Scrapboutique.  Using Karen's gorgeous sketch & to use at least 3 different kinds of  fabrics or felt.  Pic is of a beautiful sunset at Norfolk Island. 

"It's all about the hat" - a LO I did at my LSS on Tuesday.  I haven't been able to attend the Tuesday group for over a year as I was taking Joel to Bathurst on Tuesdays, but now that he has his P's, I am able to meet up with these gorgeous girls each Tuesday - I have really missed it & am so glad that I am back!

"Boyz will be Boyz" - My take on the March sketch challenge at WIOIN.
My gosh, this layout became somewhat of a headache...LOL 
Originally I had cut out some of the circles & shapes from the Kaiser rewind paper ....but it just wasn't working - at all.  I was getting so frustrated with it all....and have ended up piecing most of the paper back to how it was....LOLLLL.  I guess you could call it a bit of a patchwork LO...hahaha!
Luckily I had 2 of these papers, so I have put some of the circles as a double layer, to give it a bit more definition.  OMG, the things I do!

Okie Dokie...that is all from me for now.....this was post no. 100 should be coming up soon :)


amanda73 said...

congrats on the publication (my first pub is in current SC mag)... love all those LOs exp the first one, and the last.........lovin all your work.............cant wait to get the SBM to see you in print

Felicity said...

Woot wooo... I am in that SBM too :)
stunning LO as always, too many those are my favs
and YA to meeting up at LSS. :) x
cant wait for post 100!!!!

Chloe :-) said...

Congrats on your published LO!!! The mag is full of great stuff this month :-)

Melinda said...

WAHOO!!!! Great to see you in print Lou!! Especially alongside mine!! LOL!!

I will be happy to help you get rid of your stuff!! haha!! Can't wait to see what you have instore for your 100th post!!

GORGEOUS LO's as always too! :-)


amanda said...

Big congrats to you Linda!!!!!!!! I love seeing online friends in the mags :)

Great LOs too, had a giggle about the last one!!!

Monique said...

Woohoo Linda!!
Huge congratulations on your first publication - you'll have to frame it, haha!!
Cool layouts, too - just love your work!!

Ceci said...

Congrats exciting! I bet we will be seeing a lot more of your layouts from now on... ;)

Kate said...

YAY Linda!!! saw your LO in the mag yesterday, it is awesome :) huge congrats!!'Love all your LOs too

Jane said...

congrats on the mag. publication!!!! hopefully the others will appear soon ......hmmmmmmm!!!!!!! and hope this year is full of lots of wonderful Tuesdays for you Linda :)
Gorgeous LO's as always had to have a giggle about your "patchwork" one - LOL!!!


wow you really wak out brilliant boy pages lou.. love these one..

jacque4u2c said...

I just love all the elements and fun stuff you use on your layouts! How inspiring!!!!


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