Saturday, January 8, 2011


I really enjoyed scrapping with the Stuck?! sketch I did last month I couldn't wait to give the January 1st sketch a go too.....

Here is my take.....using brights that aren't my normal scrappy choice - but I really like how it turned out :)

Pics are from the "come and join the circus" show from our cruise

And here is the sketch.....

I have a few other scrappy shares as well.

This one is part of the Happy Scrappy New Year challenge over at
There are more challenges to come over a total of 15 stay tuned - there will be more :)

 Pics are of the DJ's christmas window displays down in Sydney - they were absolutely fantastic!

And this LO is for the January sketch challenge at Handmade by Suzanne

Well that's it for's late, I'm tired & should be in bed...and can't really think what else to say LOL

oh...I just remembered....I'm going to give myself a little TOOT TOOT!
After losing my mojo for a while there, and having no inclination/ scrap....naddda....NOTHING AT ALL
I was over the moon that I won 2 challenges last month!!!  :)
At Stuck?! sketches & Storyboard Kits
Wooohooooo!  Go me....LOL

So for those out there that feel their mojo has gone advice is to not worry & to not try to force yourself to will all come flooding back to you when it's all good & don't give up!

Thanks for visiting & happy scrapping!


Melinda said...

Hi Linda,
Happy New Year to you and your family! Thanks so much for all your care and thoughts of me over the holiday period.

Man those LO's are just AMAZING!!! Can I just say that its soooo good to see some of your scrapping. I have seriously missed it! Can't wait for more! LOVE LOVE them all and I know what you mean about not forcing yourself to scrap..I have learnt that too, but somnetimes it just frustrates me to the point where I feel like chucking everything away!! arrhhhh!!

Take care xo

Lauren said...

They are all stunning layouts Linda! Like Min said, it's great to see you scrapping again. :)

Congrats on your wins too!

Monique said...

Linda, I am so glad your mojo is back - you have always been such an inspiration to me - congratulation on your wins last month!!
I agree - Go you!!!!!

amanda said...

A definite hooray for the return of Mr Mojo LOL. And good on you Linda, for giving yourself a toot!!!!

missusem said...

Love the layouts you've created.. :)

Sara said...

Gorgeous work Linda.

I sent you an email a couple of days ago but I haven't heard back. Did you receive it?


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