Friday, June 24, 2011

Some canvas fun...

I know I'm usually always "slow" at catching on to new ideas etc, and I always end up thinking....why did I take so long to give that a go?  Or why couldn't I see the potential...or the fun in that, sooner? 

Well as you all know....the canvas craze has been around for a little while, and yep, that's right....I've only just decided to give it a go!  And I'm so glad that I did....because they are sooooo much fun....and much easier than I would ever have thought!  So, if you too are like me & a bit slow on getting onto the canvas craze....then don't wait any longer....go for it & have a go!  You really won't be disappointed...I promise :)

Soooo ...... here are 2 of the 3 canvases I did last weekend (3rd one isn't photographed yet).....

Both are 16 x 20cm.....which is a great size to start out with!
Hoping things settle down here, so that I can find some time to create some more of these....they are so much fun :-)

Take care & thanks for dropping by <3


Felicity said...

oh they are gorgeous canvases! Love the quotes.
Yep, I am one that is a wee bit slow with crazes!
Have a top weekend

Lisa K said...

I love them both!!

Sara said...

They are fabulous! I could never create something like that, so I love seeing everyone else do it.


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