Saturday, December 8, 2012

A few photos from the slack blogger!

Gosh, I really have been a slack blogger of late :-/
No excuses, except that I don't know where the time is going....the weeks are just flying by & I feel like I'm getting nowhere.  And don't even mention c.h.r.i.s.t.m.a.s co's that's just a whole other

Anyways, just thought I'd quickly pop in to share the last lot of my Fat Mum Slim November photo a day pics......

22.  Grateful - For these ripened little cherry tomatoes
23.  Black - DD's new car
24.  A sound you heard - the rumblings of DH's truck coming home
25.  Sky - Taken from the end of my street at sunset
26.  In the cupboard - One of my pretty tea sets
27.  Tree - A Golden Elm {one of the first trees planted in our front yard some 18 years ago}
28.  Vehicle - Row of hire bikes at Port Melbourne
{Taken earlier this year just before boarding the ship for our trip to Tassie}
29.  Big - Big statue of Ned Kelly at Beechworth
{another old pic used for today - taken Oct 2011}
30.  On the Wall - Advertisement for Sexpo in Melbourne
{and nope, didn't go}
I already have a weeks worth of December photo a day pics, so I'll be back sometime soon in the next few days to start sharing them.  I have no scrapping to share {again!! ....but I've been busy with a few DT projects that I can't share yet}.  I'm hoping to get some more scrapping done this weekend...fingers crossed!
Until next time...take care & happy snapping/scrapping :) xx


Lynette said...

I love seeing your photos...have a lovely weekend.

Lizzy Hill said...

I love seeing them too -those tomatoes look sooo yummy! Also, your 2Crafty LO's in the post above are amazing - what's new??!!!! The snow one is my the little journaling tag place, too:):):) Still in NZ...not long til we're home!!!!

Sandra said...

Lou these pics are fabulous and I can't wait until our tomatoes are ready for picking.


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