Sunday, March 10, 2013

In case you missed it....

Just thought I'd share my layout in full that features a new technique I've been playing with, that was up on the 2crafty blog on 1st March.

I had 3 layouts to share on the 2crafty blog, but 2 of them I have already shared here for my GDT gig with CSI.

So, on with this single layout show....

I've used 7 different pieces of 2crafty for this one, with a few different techniques applied to them - 11" Round Flourish Frame, Retro Xmas Tree, Pretty Butterflies, ATC Butterflies, Flag Banner, Mixed Buttons & 11" Viney Page Frame 

The grey'ish piece running under my photos is a piece I cut from the 11" Viney Page Frame . I literally just globbed a heap of texture paste onto the piece with my brush, then when it was dry, I've lightly painted it using watered down glimmermist...which I think highlights the texture beautifully.

For the Pretty Butterflies & ATC Butterflies, I've used the same technique as the 11" Viney Page Frame piece - a heap of texture paste globbed on, then painted in glimmermist.
Here you can see the Retro Xmas Tree {obviously, used on a non christmas this piece is suited for any style of layout}....and I've again added some texture to this piece, but this time by adding some sand to my gesso, then dabbing it on with my brush & finally finishing it off with painted glimmermist {this seems to be a fav colouring technique of mine!!}
And again, the same technique of globbing texture paste & painting with glimmermist, has been applied to the 11" Round Flourish Frame - this time painting it in 2 different glimmermist colours.

 Now, for the Flag Banner pieces & the new technique I mentioned....this is a new technique that I experimented with a few months ago for a feature in the latest issue of Scrapbooking Memories Magazine (New Ways with Chipboard - Vol 15 No 6), but I've been waiting for the feature to be published before sharing the technique here on the 2crafty blog {if interested, you can see the feature on page 66, along with Di & Fiona's fantastic tecnhiques & layouts too - although there are no close-ups of the technique in the mag, so it's a bit hard to see - I hope you can get a better view here!}.

Each Flag Banner piece has been coated with layers of cut up pieces of muslin & applied using gesso & a brush to manouevre each piece into position. Once enough layers have been applied to cover the pieces & the texture is looking right, allow to dry then paint with watered down glimmermist - I love the texture & the way this technique came out.

I then placed 4 of the smaller Mixed Buttons on top of the banner, after priming in gesso & painting with glimmermist.

 Here are a few shots taken during the process to give you a bit of an idea what I'm talking about...

First cut your muslin into pieces approx 1" x 1".
Coat your piece with gesso & then while still wet,
start layering your pieces of muslin with gesso added between each layer.
Don't worry about being too neat - the more bunched & creased up they are...the more texture you will achieve.

These are not the best pics, as they were taken at night...but hopefully you can get a bit of an idea from I am manouevering the muslin & gesso with my brush.

Thank so much for dropping by....and I hope you'll give my new technique a try! :)


Di Garling said...

Hi Linda! Today I wanted to pass on the Liebster Award to you and your blog. You are an amazing talent and completely deserve this small appreciation. Please see my blog post for the details. Cheers Di xo
PS. Love this post & the tutorial.

Rachael Funnell said...

WOWZERS! 7 pieces of chippie in this layout.... Simply BEAUTIFUL Linda!!
also! great Tutorial... TFS! x

Elena Olinevich said...

What an awesome idea to use muslin, I have to try. Love your style, as always many things so new to me

Paula said...

Wow, so gorgeous!!! Love your technique with the muslin, looks does the whole layout! Love the textures & layers.

Patricia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patricia said...

Congratulations on receiving the award from Di! I can see why she nominated you and you have a new follower in me! Great work!

MARILYN said...

Gorgeous page, Linda!!! Thanks for share this tip with us! love it!

Zeneva said...

Beautiful layout! Love what you have done with the chipboard!
Also, I have nominated you for a Leibster Award (another nomination for you) because I think your work is so deserving and inspiring! Pop over to my blog for details.:-)

Heather Jacob said...

pure bliss xoxo

Lynette said...

It looks awesome. I love the different technique on the chipboard and will try that...I am a bit iffy with messy...must still get my hands dirty.

Melinda said...

WOW Linda, love how you have altered the chipboard, thanks so much for sharing...this layout is gorgeous...the texture and depth is amazing :)x

Helen Tilbury said...

Lovely layout Linda - I did see it already on the 2Crafty blog & I love all the texture you have added. I also find glimmermist very handy for colouring.


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