Sunday, May 12, 2013

April week 4 photos from a very slack blogger :-/

Well, haven't I been the super slack blogger of late?!?!

I dunno what it is....except that I'm feeling the need to take a bit of a break from things for a while.  Not sure for how long...and to what extent, but I just know that I'm not spending as much time online nowadays...but you've all probably already guessed that, as I'm not doing my usual rounds to visit YOUR blogs - my apologies for that....I do promise that I will get back into it one day, sooner or later, when I feel that I've had enough of a break :)

So, anyways....on with week 4 photos for the April Fat Mum Slim photo a day challenge....

22.  Blurry - This was all I could think to do for today - to add some edited blurr on this cute little old blue church in my is just sitting there, unused nowadays, in the middle of a paddock, pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

23.  Time - An antique lookalike clock piece that one of the kids bought me years ago

24.  I saw this person today - For gorgeous DD, Kate :)

25.  Life is.... - A highway!  Taking us in all sorts of directions, to all sorts of places, and at all sorts of speeds....but mostly full speed ahead here for me.

26.  Childhood - My teddy bear from when I was little <3

27.  Earth - Dry and cracked after floods then drought, as is fairly typical here in Australia.

28.  My Sunday - A day out to Mayfield Gardens...such beautiful autumn colours everywhere. 
It was a fab day :)

29.  I wore this today -, rings & bracelet & bangle

30.  Glasses - That I scored in a 2nd hand shop...there were 4 in the set for a grand total of $2!!
Okie doke...that's it for now folks.
As I mentioned before....this might be it from me for a little while.
But ya never know....I may be back sooner than expected.
Take care & a super thanks to all those who constantly leave me such encouraging comments all the time....mwaaaaah!  xx


Linda Langes said...

Great pics Linda - love that blue church. Enjoy your break from cyber space and hope you feel re-energised and ready to get back into it all again soon.

Margaret Mifsud said...

I love your photographs Linda, they're just so real. Sounds like a silly statement I suppose but I think a lot of people are out there trying to get the perfect shot when all it takes is for someone .. you .. to just photograph life as it is. Like the blue church in the middle of nowhere or having lunch with your daughter or the jewelry you wore on the day. I'm rambling I know but it's all so 'real life'. I love it!!

Lizzy Hill said...

Good luck with whatever & wherever your life is taking you atm.....I must admit, I have missed you & was thinking of emailing, but now I know you're OK with where you're at - have fun in that space & place:):):) And of course, sensational photos....the glasses one is my fave cos I'm an op shop fan:):):) Nothing like a bargain, eh??!!!!!!!!! Oh! Saw your mini on Tassy in SBM...looked fab:):)

Leonie said...

Hi Linda, Gorgeous pictures. I love the Mayfield gardens one , lovely colours.
I had missed you from the online world, glad to know you are well and hope you enjoy your time out. It's the way things are sometimes you just need a break from it all. Take care and hope to see you back when you're ready. cheers. :)

Lizzyc said...

Really lovely photos a snapshot of your world.. and take care of yourself!!

Helen Tilbury said...

More gorgeous photos! Just marvelling at the state of that road & park - pristine! WOW!! Don't worry about us - online world just keeps going 24/7 and I wish I could get off the treadmill sometimes too. Enjoy it while you can - it all gets a bit much sometimes & your real life starts feeling surreal. I know the feeling...

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Brilliant photos!!!! Wow!!!


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