Saturday, February 8, 2014

A tour of my scrap room....

Hi everyone,
Today I thought I'd share a few pics of my scrap room.
I recently bought a new trolley type bench for working at, and a few friends on FB asked if I could share pics of my room once I had it all set here goes :)
My room is only very small and is nothing flash - I guess it's really just a room with mix matched pieces of this and that, all put together to provide storage & somewhere to scrap.  It used to be our 3rd bedroom, but just about 1/2 of it got lost to become the hallway when we did extension quite some years ago.  So I'm just happy & grateful to have my own space & have tried to make the most of the little space there is.
Ok, lets have a looksie....I'll start at the doorway & work my way around the room clockwise....

This one is taken standing just inside the doorway.  The desk & drawer/hutch unit I've had for years & is made by Horn - it's a great little unit!  Includes the unit with the hutch, the corner desk & then there's a straight length of desk that continues up towards where I'm standing on the left hand side.  There is a little bit of space beside the hutch unit, just enough to fit some stackable plastic drawers that holds all sorts of little nick nack type embellies, and  a few shelves up above them that hubby recently put up for me - which I plan to store albums that I have on the go.
Some shelving up above the corner desk unit & computer in the corner.
Shelves on the left side storing mists, distress paints, stickles, liquid pearls, gesso, modelling paste etc etc. Top shelf has my cuttlebug with plates in the basket next to it.
And around the corner, I have a few of the mini albums that I've made over the years, plus some gift type boxes that have a heap of handmade embellishments in them.
(This is in need of better organisation, me thinks!)
Next to the shelving & corner desk unit is the Hutch unit....
Here is a close up of the hutch unit....shelves filled with jars of buttons, ribbons & paper flowers, plus printer & Kaisercraft caddy that I made a few years ago.  The bottom filing drawer on the right is where I keep my rubons & sticker sheets.  The next drawer up holds things like double sided tape, foam tape, photo paper etc....and the top drawer has become a bit of a junk/office drawer (that probably needs a bit of a clean out!)  The shelf above has a container that holds my single brads, Gelato's & a box where I keep all my cards that I make.  The cupboard on the left holds copy paper, envelopes, ink tanks etc etc (more office type things).  The top of the unit will eventually store more albums - yep, trying to make the most of every little inch!
Here's a bit of a close up of all the jars - yep, I used to have quite an addiction for buttons &

Next is the portable bench space that I mentioned I recently bought, that started this little makeover in my room.  It is actually a Butcher's Trolley that I bought from Aldi a week or so ago.  So is obviously meant for kitchens, but I thought it would be perfect to stand and scrap it has the added bonus of some storage underneath :))))))    I've been wanting to have something at this window for agesssssssssssss.....something that I could stand at, rather than sit to scrap...and where I could get all that natural light!  Before getting this little beauty, I used to scrap at the desk space that is opposite, that continues on from the corner desk that I mentioned in the first pic), and the light was always behind me and I'd find myself having to turn around to fussy cut etc so that I could see better. 
So for me, this is just perfect!

Another shot of the Butchers Trolley.....that I think I'll rename - the scrappers trolley :))

Underneath I have a heap of baskets....things like punches, dies, flairs & fabric buttons, wood veneers, bling, collection brads, diecuts etc etc are stored in the baskets.

Inks in one of the drawers.....the 2nd drawer is still empty at this stage.
I'm still re-organising things, so not sure exactly the best/practical spot for everything just yet, so things may end up being moved around until I end up with something that works for me

A few canvases on the wall

Next along from the scrappers trolley & in the corner facing it, is this old cupboard - that one day I plan to paint white.  It used to be an old wardrobe, but hubby added shelving inside it for me.
On top you can see more albums (I swear they are in every nook & cranny in this entire house! lol)

Inside the cupboard (pls don't look at the mess!!).  Lots of plastic tubs holding all sorts of things.
Chipboard, stamps, alpha's, thickers (in the cardboard box until I find a container that is the right size for them), ummmm fabric, more die's, journaling spots/tickets etc etc, templates, paints....and a heap of junk that needs sorting up the top left side that I just

Ok, next to the old cupboard is a couple of cane type baskets that I store my bagged papers & kits in (don't worry, I know exactly what is in each bag)....they are sitting on a 2 drawer filing cabinet that holds business papers etc.  This is just temporary paper storage for now....ideally, I'd love to have a filing drawer system that fits 12x12 papers, but to date, I haven't been able to find anything.  Fingers crossed I evenutally will :)

Just next to the doorway is one of those plastic tub trolley/drawer thingo's....and it holds all my flowers.....stored by manufacturer....

The 2 fullest drawers are Manorhouse Creations ^ ^

And Prima ^ ^
There's 5 drawers all together...the other 3 hold, Kaisercraft, Green Tara, and the last one is just a mixture of mostly single loose flowers.

And this pic is taken from the front of the hutch unit, looking back to the doorway where you can see the rest of the desk top that I mentioned earlier, with the plastic trolley of flowers.

And on top at the end of the desk are all my SBM magazines that I have layouts published in.

Underneath at the end of the desk is this home made wire rack - I made it years ago from a set of those wire mesh cube storage things that were around at the time.  It is all just cable tied together to create the shelves & outer sides.  It mostly houses my cardstock well as single pieces of paper left over from different collections from over the years....and as you can probably see, they are arranged in colours.
Well there you have my tiny, yet practical (for me) scrap room.
I hope you have enjoyed....and if you have a blog post about your scrap space/room, I would love to hear about it & be able to come visit :))
And I know what you may be thinking, and the answer is NO, it's not always this neat!! lol
Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my room!
Cheers, Linda ....xx


Dale Tiernan said...

It's totally awesome.

Lauren Tomecek said...

Very well organised space, Linda. Im jealous of your large computer screen. The canvasses and 'create' wall art look great.

Val Thorpe said...

Oh wow great space and it is so neat... I think mine started out like that but I have a horrid tendency to buy and now I am overflowing out of my room :/ So nice to have a dedicated space... enjoy <3

Margaret Mifsud said...

Awesome scrappy space Linda!! And it is so tidy!!! I only have a corner of our computer room and it is always in a mess. Love what you've got there ... fabulous!! ox

Lizzyc said...

This room is really lovely, and well organized too.. I love your new trolley, and definitely call it a scrappers trolley!! I hope you get lots and lots of wonderful hours creating in there!

li-bee-ti said...

It's so wonderful to have a scrappy place of your won (I share the same room with my kids... their mess with my mess, all together one big messy happy family LOL). I really enjoyed looking at the photos. you have a lovely place and well organized.

Lizzy Hill said...

Wonder if this comment will stick!!!! LOOOVED ur tour, really pleased u did it...I am totally impressed by ur wire baskets for ur papers & the flower storage is very's so neat & you've used every inch of space sooo well.....wish I was this organised!!!!!!!! THANKYOU:):):) I reads every word!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow thanks for sharing where all the magic happens!! Love it :)

Lynette said...

Awesome room. Mine is so messy at the moment...I would be to ashamed to share.

Marcia Dehn-Nix said...

I love seeing how other people organize their stash, especially now when I've been reorganizing my room. Your new addition is perfect I think. You have a fabulous room.

MARILYN said...

Awesome room Linda! love everything is very organized and functional. Your new table is perfect!! love it! xo

Fiona said...

So neat and tidy and organised Linda, great space! Love your new table, it's fab.

Sandra said...

Thanks for sharing Linda, yoir space looks very workable and neat and tidy, love it.

Marelize said...

Oh wow, your 'little' room is just perfect Linda! Love how organised you are and everything is so neat and tidy. Thanks for sharing. :) xx

Felicity Wilson said...

thank you for the little tour!!! What a great little space you have!!! AND what a score on the trolley!!! Have a good week XO

donna said...

it looks great hun!

Helen Tilbury said...

Excellent! I loved the tour thank you!! That butcher's desk thingy is just perfect as a scrapbooking trolley. I also have those white baskets with the floral linings - they look identical actually!! Your studio looks very practical & one that you can work in well. I also stand to scrap!

Catie said...

I just love this space if yours Linda! I wonder if I can get one of those trollies from Aldi? What a find!
Enjoy your space xx

Eila Sandberg said...

Oh I wish I were as organized as you! my nook is an eternal war zone but I do know where my Prima stuff is! Wonderful space you have Linda! thank you SO much for the tour!! xoxox


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