Saturday, March 21, 2015

7 Dots Studio "Thoughts Keeper" for All About Scrapbooks

Hello there again & welcome :)

Today I have another layout to share for All About Scrapbooks,
Again using the gorgeous Thoughts Keeper collection from 7 Dots Studio, which seems to have practically sold out!....I can understand why!!!
The colours & subtle patterns in this collection are just DIVINE....and they 
are such a joy to work with <3

"Enduring Love" 

As always....all the details on products, techniques etc, are already over on the AAS blog, so please pop over there if you are interested in those things :)

This is another family photo that I've recently been given....the same Great Aunt & Uncle who were the first in the family to come to Australia.  This is a photo on their wedding day in 1929....I will be adding LOTS of journaling on the back of this one.  Their story is beautiful & amazing & HAS to be told.  I am extremely grateful to my Dad & Aunt's who have passed their story on to me...along with a whole heap of other family stories as well.  

This is the basics of what my journaling will include....

Uncle Jack was the first to come to Australia in 1924 when he was just 20 years old.  My first thought is to think of his mother & how she felt about that!  I know I would struggle to cope if my son went off to the other side of the world at any age, let alone at just 20!  He was already courting my Aunt Martha at the time, and she had wanted to come with him, but her parents (my Great Grandparents) would not let her come....which I don't blame them!  She was only 19 at the time.  I'm sure she must have been heartbroken, and Uncle Jack too.  Aunt Martha let her parents know that as soon as she was 21, she was going anyway....which I'm sure they must have struggled with and dreaded the idea.  However, a year or so later, they finally relented & signed the papers to allow her to was  probably close to another year after them signing the papers that she was finally leaving....a week short of her 21st birthday in January 1926.  She traveled all the way here on her own.  I really can't imagine what her last days back home in Ireland would have been like...knowing that she may never see her parents & siblings again?  Yet she would have been excited to finally be reunited with her love, Uncle Jack.  They both lived here for the rest of their lives, only making one trip (that I know of) back to Ireland in 1956....and sadly, they never did get to see their parents again, as their trip back was well after both their parents had died quite a few years  earlier  :(((  the thought of that makes me so sad....

So on that's a few close ups

Some gorgeous Petaloo & Green Tara blooms <3

Lots of 2Crafty chipboard on this page!!

More blooms

and 2Crafty

And some more....there simply is no better chipboard in my eyes!! :)

The heart frame is 2Crafty as well :)))

Thank you so much for dropping by today, and once again my apologies for not getting around to your own blogs to repay the love - I simply feel awful about this....but I am struggling to keep up with my commitments, so I just don't have the time at the moment, but once my commitments are up, I plan to get right back into visiting everyone's blogs! :)

All the details on products and techniques used can be seen over on the AAS blog HERE

Enjoy your weekend everyone! xx


Lizzy Hill said...

Girl, you are doing AMAZINGLY well at doing what you are doing....not too much longer and things will calm down scrappy wise, I hope:):) This one is another stunner. And the story is happy-sad & you have scrapped it so sympathetically.....gorgeous! PRetty common in those days, eh? And no communication like now. My son in the USA has a USA gf. And he's 25 and we can 'talk' so easily....but it's still a struggle to think he may never come home, I can tell you!!! GET OFF THE COMPUTER!!!! Get scrapping!!!!!!! And have a great weekend:)

Lizzyc said...

Hi! Well thie layout is definitely a new fav, love the paint drips and all the texture as well as the chippies and flowers.. And life was harder for our ancestors I reckon, and so good of you to now have that memory scrapped.. And yes life is busy, as much as I am tempted by design team calls I really do not want to over commit as life with a truckie husband and daughter at school take the most of my time.. I hope you feel less pressure soon.. Enjoy the weekend..

Margaret Mifsud said...

Ooohh!! I love this one!! Another fave I think!! What a wonderful story as well. How lucky are you to be able to access the history of your family and I'm so pleased you share it. Such interesting reading. I know exactly where you're coming from with the blog visits Linda, I'm struggling with them too but for different reasons. I think we all do as much as we can when we can so it's all good. Hope things settle down for you now. Love this page!! xx


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