Sunday, May 18, 2008

Where have the last 3 weeks gone?...

Wow, I can't believe it's been 3 weeks since I last posted! Time is just going way too fast.....wish I could slow things down! Things have been moving so fast that I can't even remember what's happened.

Hmmmm.... oh, yeah...
Back on 3rd May, Joel went to his first motorcross school. We had to be at Young at 8am, so we had the car & trailer packed with food, motorbike, tools etc the night before. 2 of Joel's friends were doing the same school, so that was a good thing. Once we were there and the days events started....things started to go pear-shaped! Joel kept having trouble with his just kept konking out on him! He was getting so upset because he was missing out on stuff that they were teaching. Dave figured it was the spark plug, so he drove into Young and bought a half dozen spark plugs - the same as the one that was already in it. That proved to be a big mistake! They were obviously the wrong spark plugs & poor Joel kept having the same problem all day....but at least he would get a fair bit of a go before the plug would foul up, and we had enough of them to get us through the day. It ends up that the local bike shop that recently re-built his engine had put the wrong spark plug in it!!! Don't ya just hate that!!! GRRRRRRR are some pics from the day

The days lessons begin....

There were about 30 kids all up doing the school...alot of them were younger kids, with just a handful in Joels group...which was a good number.

Joel coming out of a burm....and he's got that leg out nice and straight, just like the instructor said.

The group listening to the next lesson before going out and putting it into practice....

Joel coming down on a table-top. Oops, I think the front wheel has come down sooner than it should have.

Coming out of another burm...this one was a bit muddy & slippery.

Ok, what else....

5th of May I started in my new job. I really enjoyed my first week, and am confident that I have made the right decision in taking this job. Last week I had the week off....absolutely loved that part of it! (although I did have to work an extra day on Wednesday...but that was ok)

The next few weeks will be pretty full-on for me though. I am being trained in yet another job! starting on 19th May. I will be doing alot of typing of the Dr's letters, referrals etc etc etc that they have dictated on tape, plus dealing with alot of the visiting specialists & the operating theatre at the hospital.

I had a little stint on this job about a week ago, and OMG...all those big long medical words! Very scarey stuff! It might as well have been in Japanese....because I had NO CLUE what any of it was or what it meant! LOL ... but after a weeks training I guess it will get better & it won't sound so scarey...I hope! Apparently I will be filling in on this job from 10th June for 4 or 6 basically, I'm going to be working full time for the next 6 or 8 weeks!

Mothers Day...didn't do much at all, which was good. Most years we always go out somewhere...but this year we did nothing! I actually spent a fair part of the day scrapping....gotta love that! :)

Hmmm, can't think of what else has been happening in these parts....just the same ol'.

I am hoping that I'll get some time to post my latest LO's over the next few, till then, TOODLEPIP! :)


Jane said...

oh no - poor Joel, it's so frustrating for them when they just keep on breaking down!!! but love some of the photos you got - WTG.

and another "new" job - they love to keep you on your toes!!!

hope you've been having a great week and don't be too busy.

Julie said...

Great action shots Linda ... looking forward to seeing some LO's !!
Sounds like your new job/s are keeping you busy !!


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