Friday, June 6, 2008

Helicobacterpylori, Adenomatous, pedunculated polyp, recto sigmoid....

Hypercholesterolemia, symbicort, caecum....what's all this you say?

LOL.... well that's exactly what I said! This is what my past week has consisted of....all these medical words that I not only have had to type, but also have had to figure out if that's exactly what the Dr was saying into his dictaphone, and then having to look it up in a medical dictionary, hoping that it's spelt as it sounds, after replaying it over and over a dozen might as well have been in Japanese if you ask me...LOL.

It has certainly been an interesting week....but also pretty scarey. As of next week I will on my own doing this job that I have been training for. Hopefully it will all go well....I just hope I remember everything!

No time for scrapping at all over the past couple of weeks....pretty sad eh!

Anyways....just a quick post tonight. I think it's time to hit the hay....hope everyone has a great long weekend! 'Til next time....Toodlepip!


Julie said...

Hey Linda,
sounds like you have been very busy ... we've missed you over on the SnB Forum.
Hope all is going well with the new job and you find some scrapping time in amongst your new busy schedule :O)

Jane said...

omg scary, big words Linda - hope all is going well with the new job, and I hope soon you'll be able to find some time for some scrapping :).


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