Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday drive....

Today I went for another drive in the car, out to a little village called Murringo....and funnily enough, after researching our family history a few years turns out that a branch of my DH's family settled in Murringo back in the 1800's....I just find that so amazing!...the fact that we aren't originally from this area, have only lived here for 15 years...and to find that a few branches of DH's family settled out in the country area that we are now living in....I think that's just mind boggling!

Anyways....I took my camera again today, and took some pics of some lovely old houses, an old inn....and another quaint little stone church.....but I am soooooo annoyed!!!...and I don't know how I did it....but I didn't have a memory card in the camera!!! GGGRRRRRRRRR. I didn't have my glasses with me I was happily snapping away...pic after pic after pic....and unable to see when I turned the camera on...that it was telling me that there was no card!!! Oh looks like I will have to take another little trip out to Murringo some time soon! LOL....and this time I'll make sure I have some extra time to visit the cemetary there....because some of DH's relatives are buried I'll also make sure the camera has it's card!!!

Here is the LO that I mentioned in my previous's for my BOM that I am following with Jane over at Scrapbook n Bits. The pic is from 2003 when we went for a holiday to was so much fun to get dressed up in all the old clothes and get our photo taken. I think both Dave & especially Joel, really look the part!

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Binxcat1 said...

LOVE your heritage photo and you have created a gorgeous LO to showcase it with. Thanks for leaving a comment about my LO... I very much appreciate the support. mwah! ;)


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