Saturday, June 28, 2008

Busy, busy, busy.....

I am finally near the end of my 8 or so weeks of working full time...and I've survived all those big medical scarey words! lol....just one week to go and then I get to have my week, I can't wait! I'm hoping then that things will get back to normal, where I work 1 week, then have 1 week off......BUT, the boss asked the other day for me to give her any dates over the next 2 months that I can't work...I think that means that she may be needing me to work some extra days!....oh well, the extra money sure will come in handy!

Today I finally got to do some scrapping! My second layout in about 6 weeks....that is just so unusual for me. I'm normally at least 1, but usually 2 or 3 LO's per week. Today I did a LO for my BOM - following Jane's journey over at Scrapbook n Bits. I haven't gotten a photo of it yet, so I'm unable to post it as yet...but I will add it as soon as I get a pic tomorrow. For now I'll leave you with my other LO that I mentioned...for the "scrap your stash" challenge over at Scrapbook n Bits.....

My scallywag of a best friend....OSCAR!

This afternoon we went for a drive out near Wyangala Dam and then through Frogmore & on to Boorowa. We spotted this gorgeous little old church at Hovells we just had to stop and have a little looksy & take a few pics.....

On closer inspection (peering through the windows) we discovered that the intererior of the church is being renovated.....into a house! It looked absolutely gorgeous inside! It had a beautiful timber staircase going up to a second level that has been made up in the steep roof will be just stunning once it is all finished. It seems to be becoming a very popular thing in areas out here, where people are renovating old disused churches into homes....just amazing!

And the reason we went for a get some more km's up on our NEW CAR! so that it can have it's first 1,000km service, before Dave & Joel go away in the first week of the school holidays.

Yep, we bought ourselves a band spanking new Toyota Rav4.....first brand new car that we've ever had. It is so beautiful to drive...I just love it!

Also adding a few pics from Joel's Amcross a few weeks ago. It was his first ever race and boy was it nerve wrecking! My heart was either in my stomach or up in my throat for the whole day! He is absolutely loving his motocross atm....and we are loving spending the time taking him to the different events, and making it a days outing.

A few pics of him really churning that dirt....

Believe it or not, but the course for this event was on all natural wasn't a purpose built track like a Motocross track is. It was just natural farming land where they pegged out the track & slashed the grass so that it wasn't long....but by the end of the day it was just all dirt, even with it's own burms where the corners were quite it was a man made track. That just really amazed me.
Anyways...that's about all that's been happening in my neck of the woods.
Hope everyone is having a fab weekend....until next time....Toodlepip!

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kathie said...

Good on you for lasting out 8 weeks of fulltime work. And in a new job! It's exhausting, starting a new job. It's also exhausting, being immersed all day in a new language, lol. Enjoy your week off and happy scrapping.


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