Saturday, November 15, 2008

Time for that update....

OK, what's been happening around these parts of late....

Dave has started some new work - still contracting for the same company, but is now travelling to different areas which lets him get home a bit more than before, even though some of the time's he gets to come home is only for 15 or 30 minutes - just enough time to have a shower, a quick cup of tea & fill his thermos...and then he's off again. We are hoping that one day - who knows when! - that he will get out of trucks all together. The new laws & regulations are just too much...and he wants to get out. Hooray to that, I say!

Kate has been through the "I want to move out of home" thing (rolls eyes). She seemed to think she was going to do it before christmas - mind you, she has no savings in the bank (I gave up on trying to teach her to save & budget etc) she doesn't have a skerick (sp?) of furniture or household items. After having a talk with her, I think she has seen some sense & for now, says she will stay at home. But now says she wants to buy a new car....yep, a brand new one! Gosh, what is it with kids today? A brand new car at 18 years of age?!??! When I was that age, I was just happy to have a car! and never dreamed of having a new one.... And I never got a brand new one until just this year....30 odd years after getting my first. But I guess the upside of her doing this (I'm HOPING) is that it will teach her some responsibility with her $$$, plus she will end up with something at the end of paying it off....whereas, the way she is going now - she'll have absolutely NOTHING. (sigh)

Joel did a weeks work experience at an Aircraft building/maintenance/servicing place (LOL, I dont' know how else to explain it) back at the beginning of this term & he absolutely LOVED it and was very keen to go each day. He has also gained some casual work from it - each Saturday from about 8am - 2pm....of which he is loving the $$$$.
He has now just completed his yr10 school certificate exams....thank goodness for that! I hope he does well.

And me....nothing much has been happening with me, besides the going to work, being a Mum, doing housework....and of course, some scrapping - YAY :)

Speaking of's an update on some LO's I've done over the past however many weeks....

This LO was a sketch challenge for a cyber crop at Scrapbook n Bits .... just love this design, Thanks Jolene!

And another challenge from the cybercrop at Scrapbook n Bits - Had to use green, blue & red. When I first read this challenge I thought it was going to be difficult - but it wasn't at came together so easy & I love the look. Thanks Jane!

This one is for Jane's topic of cars in her BOM that I am following over at Scrapbook n Bits. I used one of the sketches from "Page Maps" for this one. I really love how it turned out.

This one was my entry for the "Scrap your Stash" at Scrapbook n Bits - you had to use a travel brochure in your LO - which I didn't have, from our travels in Europe back in 1985 - so I made my own brochure...LOL

This LO - why I love to scrap - was a blind scrap at Scrapbook n Bits. It's the first blind scrap I've every done & it was so much fun. If you've never done one before....I highly recommend giving it a go!

These 2 LO's were done with my local scrap group & were designed by the very talented how they both turned out!


Jane said...

awesome LO's Linda - the colours in "why I love to scrap" are just gorgeous.

hopefully the buying a new car will result in your DD aiming towards and saving for something at least :). at least she's still at home :).

Take care.

Julie said...

Great LO's Linda and i love the new look Blog ... very clever !!


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