Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekend Motocross

Although I hate the early morning starts (usually leaving home around 6.30am - eeek), I LOVE spending Sunday's at motocross....I love the atmosphere - the noise.....the dust.....the smell of the fumes....the anticipation at the starting gates.....the roar of the 2 strokes & the 4 strokes as they take off, full throttle, from the starting gates towards that first corner....it's exciting & it's exhillarating....and that's just from a spectators point of view! - I really can't imagine what it's like for the guys & gals (yep, you'd be surprised at the amount of girls/ladies that are right into motocross!) out there....the adrenelin rush that they get from it must be so totally awesome! 

 I also love trying to get some awesome photos while Joel is out on the track - I often go out flagging, just so that I can get out there amongst it all, where there are so many great photo opportunites.  Out of about 200 or so photos taken on the day....there's probably only a dozen or so that I'm usually pretty happy with - it's just really hard to get that perfect shot when the bikes are speeding past you at such a fast speed. I also love the sitting around & talking & eating between races - it's all just a great family day out for us :)

So, I thought I would share some pics from last Sunday's day at the track.....

So casual & calm looking at the starting gates- although I'm sure his heart is racing at a million miles per hour!

30 seconds to go.....

and they're off!

approaching one of the smaller jumps

weeeee  (lol...he'd kill me if he seen that)

Trying to bag the red guy up...

and yes....he's got him!

Over the big tabletop....and straight into a left hand bend

Then ready for the next right hand bend

I really liked this shot...even though it's quite blurry - it gives a bit more perception of just how fast they go out on the track.

Race is over....and it's into the pits.

Hope you all enjoyed your little tour of the motocross track :)

Not much to share on the scrapping scene....just one LO that I did on the weekend using the May girl kit from Bon's...

Hopefully, I will be back soon with some more scrappy shares :)
Hope everyone is having a great week!


Melinda said...

WAHOO!!! Go Joel!!! They are awesome photos Linda!! You must be a very proud mummy! oooh I can definitely wait for the time my boys want to do that sort of stuff!!!
Can't wait to seem them scrapped!
Love love your LO from the Bon's kit...you really do know how to put things together! Love love love your work!
Take care

amanda said...

Great photos Linda - the first is my favourite - thanks for stopping by my blog with your good wishes xx

Jane said...

love the series of photos of Joel motorcrossing Linda, very cool!!!!!!! and love the LO's you've been creating for the Scrapboutique comp. - good luck with it :)

Felicity said...

thanks for the virtual tour of the track, LOVED IT!!!


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