Thursday, January 26, 2012

Testing....and Happy Australia Day!

A huge HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY to all the Aussie scrappers out there!
Hope you're all enjoying your day, whatever it is you're doing today :)

So, the purpose behind this post is to test the workings of a scheduled
& I find it hard to do a blog post without a pic!  I've already shared this layout before, but thought it was quite fitting for today, being Australia Day! I don't have anything else that I can share atm - I've only been doing secret squirrel stuff of late :)

So, here goes....I'm seeing if this will post in about an 1/2 an hours time....but I don't know if the time I put in is referring to MY time (here in Aus) or American time ?!?!
Oh well, I'll soon find


Charlotte said...

It's such a beautiful layout. Love the colors and the whole design. :)

Marelize said...

Yay! It worked... now you can teach me. :)

Helen Tilbury said...

Well I missed that layout & I ove it!! So nice and simple :) I preschedule a lot of my posts - it's cool!! and easy!!! Sorry for that wierd comment I left you on FB - had the wrong Linda there - oops!!


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