Friday, November 16, 2012

Week 2 - FMS Nov photo a day

Hi everyone...thanks so much for popping by today!

Just a quick post to share the next 7 days worth of photos for the FMS photo a day challenge....

8.  Something you do every day - Play & spend time with my Oscar :)
(isn't he just a bit too cute!!!)
9.  Small - A lady bug (that has stripes rather than spots) that I found in the garden (after crawling/climbing....under/through/over umpteen bushes...and I'd swear the neighbours thought I was a crazy
 10.  Can't {won't} live without - Besides the obvious, family - my camera & lenses
11.  Night - {Almost} - a bit of trickiness to this one *wink, wink*
11.  Night - A 2nd pic I can't help but share for this prompt - taken a couple of years ago from the Opera House in Sydney, looking back to Circular Quay - one of my most favourite photos I've ever taken :)
12.  Drink - Straight from the tap, thank you!  That walk has me
(I love how the camera has captured the water coming out of the tap & then splashing off Oscar's tongue)
13.  Where you slept - {after it was made} - I just couldn't bring myself to take a pic of it not
14.  Man made - Windmill
Until next time...happy snapping/scrapping & yahooooo, the weekend is almost here!
Take care... xxx


Lizzy Hill said...

Fun photos...especially of your dog...& that one of Sydney - I can see why it's a fave....LOVE your night time one....& my bed is rarely this neat. Even when it's made!!! So well done you:):):)

Victoria Freze said...

wooow, Linda! your photos are amazing! I love them all!

Charlotte said...

Linda, you are a good photographer. Love the one with Oscar and the water. Great shot! ... And I love the colors in your bedroom. So natural. :)
Have a GREAT weekend!

Lynette said...

Fabulous photos. I love the photos of your dog...he sure has attitude. I wouldn't be able to live without my Canon either.

Helen Tilbury said...

Linda you are a pro with the camera and I just love to look at your shots! Wow that Sydney one is blooming marvellous as is the doggy water one - brilliant!!


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