Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week 4 - Oct FMS photo a day

Oooopsies....I am just a tad behind on putting up my photos for the FMS October photos a day challenge (I've actually now started the Nov challenge...but I guess I'd better get October up to date before moving onto November! lol) I might as well get all of October out of the here's the final 10 pics for Oct....

22.  In your town - Old ruins at the POW camp
23.  The view from here - Taken at the top of Broula, looking towards the town where I live.
24.  Weather - Sunshine on a {partly} cloudy day
25.  People - Some little statues of African women
26.  Listening to - Shuffled songs on my ipod {INXS - Suicide Blonde playing at the time}
27.  Morning - First thing every morning is always a cup of tea!
28.  Looking back... - To 1995 <3
29.  Moon - It was a cloudy night & my photos just weren't happening, so I snapped this Moon exploration pic from the National Geographic website {Taken with my camera, not just a screen shot).

30.  Clothes - Washed & hung out by teenage son!
31.  Whatever you please - A magnolia
So there you have it...I hope I haven't bored you all too much!
Hopefully, I'll get back on track with my Nov pics soon....thanks so much for dropping by! xx


Sandra said...

Never bored with photos Linda, these are great especially the washing (I had a little laugh to myself).

Lizzy Hill said...

LOVE looking at your pics....keep 'em coming for November:):)

Lynette said...

I love your creative angle on these photos....I also always love looking at photos.

MARILYN said...

love all your pics!!! TFS!

Helen Tilbury said...

You're a really talented photographer - if you ever have the time & inclination I would love to read some tips and tricks here - especially on your trademark scenic beauties!!


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