Saturday, February 2, 2013

Final week of photos...

for the January FMS photo a day.....
22. Corner - An old farm gate at this little dog leg corner of a paddock on my morning walk
23. Electric - My sons {old} electric guitar
24. Stripes - A pattern of stripes left after harvesting a crop of barley :)
25. Landscape - There's lots of these grain silos scattered across the rural Australian landscape - this one is not far from where I live {bugger those power lines being in the way...stuff like that really annoys me!! LOL}
Being Australia Day...this is what I came up with for todays prompt - it's a bit outside the square...& also expresses my thoughts on the recent & past debates about Australia changing its flag
26. Together - The Union Jack, Southern Cross & Commonwealth star...together on our flag, as they should be - this flag is part of our history & we are all so proud of why change it? To me, changing it means we are a nation who doesn't know what it wants & knows not where it's going!
We do not need a new flag....not even for sporting events!

27. Sun - Sunrise, whilst cruising back into Sydney Harbour
{Today was cloudy, so I used an older photo}
28. Through - Playing through the fence with the neighbours dog....who just so happens to be a boxer too! :)
29. Grow - From lime buds into limes {hopefully}
30. Down - Down by the sea
Using an older photo taken in Tasmania last year, as had been unwell & not able to get out & about with my camera
31. Yourself - Me & my camera
So that's another month of photos done & dusted.
Feb has now started....would you like to give it a go too & join in on the fun??


Linda Langes said...

Awesome lot of photos Linda! It's so captivating looking at little slices of life like this. I have tried keeping up with this challenge in the past but find life just gets in the way unfortunately....good job!

Val Thorpe said...

Gorgeous gorgeous photos. I have just started a photography course and I am loving it. Hopefully I will be able to take wonderful photos too. Love your blog Linda. So glad to be working with you over at CSI this month :D

Charlotte said...

I love looking at your photos. Really beautiful. :)
Enjoy the weekend.

Helen Tilbury said...

Great photos Linda! You have a remarkable artistic touch and obviously the technical know-how too. I love that so many of your photos are not portraits but rather depict the landscape around you, etc. I'm not so good with that...

Karen Shady said...

a gorgeous collection of photos, looks like you live in a place very similar to me :) Im a new follower to you blog x

Heather McMahon said...

Wow Linda - what amazing pics! Not too hard to work out which part of this vast country you live in. Love those rural photos - so atmospheric!

Lynette said...

Your photography skills are amazing and so varied. Well done Linda.

MARILYN said...

awesome photos Lynda!!! TFS!!!! hugs!!!


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