Saturday, February 23, 2013

week 2 photos for FMS

Hi there peeps,

Just a quick share of my week 2 photos for the Fat Mum Slim photo a day challenge - seeings we're into week 4 of Feb, I thought I'd best get a move on with sharing week 2.

So I'll get right to it.....

8. Something orange - Couldn't go past Joel's new KTM

9. Guilty pleasure- This was todays indulgence at lunch....smoked salmon & avodado stack .... totally delish! {no camera on me today so this one wasn't taken by me, it is from the cafe's website}

10. 3 O'clock - Lugging in the weekly of those jobs that I loathe. Not just the lugging it in from the car, but the whole process...and I usually always leave it until I HAVE to go do it, less we all starve to death...LOL. Hence the reason I'm out doing it at 3pm on a Sunday arvo!

11. Entrance - I really don't know what this amazing old door would have been the entrance to back in it's day....I spotted it in a secondhand/recycled building supply was HUGE & about 6 inches or more thick & would have weighed a ton {the mind boggles how they would have got it inside the shop!}

12. Where you ate lunch - In the park

13. Walking - at 6.15 this morning with my was still dark & the sun was just starting to rise. {taken with my hubby's cheap point & shoot not the best pic I'm afraid}

14. Love is....
{using an older pic taken last year}
I'm hoping to be back during the coming week to share week 3.
Have a great weekend everyone :)  xx

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Helen Tilbury said...

I just love your photos Linda - you have such a great eye for photography, not to mention technical skill. Some truly fabulous shots which I know will eventually all make it onto your amazing pages...


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