Thursday, March 27, 2014

My first article as CT member for Scrapbooking Memories Magazine - Vol. 16 - No. 7

Hi everyone,

Just popping in to share the details of my first article as Creative Team member for Scrapbooking Memories magazine here in Australia :)

I was asked to be part of this team back in September last year, right before I was headed overseas on our trip to Ireland.  Of course I said YES, as who on earth would ever say no to something as big & exciting as this?!?!  This meant I had a few weeks to get my first article plus 2 layouts done before I headed off overseas, as it was due at the mag in the weeks while I would be away....eeeeeeek!  For someone who had never written an article before, I sure was feeling the pressure!  I had no idea WHAT I was even going to write my article on....besides something in the theme of "trends", which was the theme for the issue that my first article would appear in.  I had no time to sit & ponder what I could come up with that was trendy at that time within the scrapbooking world - we all know that there are many trends around at any given time!

So, I had to make a quick decision & then get to work with creating my layouts PLUS writing my 400-800 word article! (mine ended up being 600 for this one).  I decided my article would be on "Threads & Fibres", which is just one of the many current trends at the moment.

My first article was in Vol. 16 - No. 7, which went on sale here in Australia on 30th January 2014.
My articles for my full 12 month term are titled  "How to - Graphic" - which is aimed at those scrapbookers who tend to not use a heavily medium based style.....

Here's a few snapshots I took of the pages of my article....

And here are the actual layouts from the article
"Gog & Magog"
(The names of the 2 "apostles" in the pics from the 12 Apostles along the Great Ocean Road)
For this layout I've demonstrated a few uses of threads & fibres, both in my cluster
& in amongst my paper well as some stitching around the border of the layout.
And here's a few close ups, where hopefully you can get a better look
at my use of fibres & threads :)

Some scrunched up bunches of cotton threads in amongst the cluster...using 3
different coloured threads

Some gyprockers tape...that I had coated in gesso to give it a thicker look & thereby giving more prominence & definition on the page.

More cotton scrunches at the top left of photo, in amongst the paper layers.

And again, at the bottom right of photos.

A bit of a close up shot of the photos & detail of the main area of the page :)
My 2nd layout for the article....
"Teaching him well"
(which is an ongoing task, I might add!! lol)

Here I've used some twine shaped into a circle to frame the subject of the photo, as well as some muslin strips & gyprockers tape.

Some tufts of muslin in amonst the cluster that have been cut into small pieces, then teased & poked in amongst the embellishments of the cluster.

The circle of twine used as a frame....simply tied in a knot & then held in place
with a small wooden peg.  This is a great idea to bring focus to the subject in the photo.

Some more Gyprockers tape in under the paper layers.

Journaling about how I've been slowly teaching him (DH) that he needs to take photos too!
But as I said previously...this is an ongoing, and probably never ending task!!

So there you have first article :)))
This little black duck was, and still is, totally chuffed to finally see it in print, and now to be able to share with you all here on my blog....thanks so much for taking the time to check it out,
I really do appreciate it!
Until next time....happy scrapping! xx


Margaret Mifsud said...

A fabulous article Linda!! What a fantastic debut!! Love the photos, love both pages and the article is brilliant!! Well done you!!!!! ox

Lizzyc said...

Well done on your mag articles! Wonderful layouts, love your tips!

Lizzy Hill said...

Am loving your articles...for a newbie at doing them, you're going great guns:):):) glad ur on the team:):)

Lynette said...

Well done on your article and your gorgeous pages. Beautiful colours and textures.

Maria said...

Stunning Layouts

Janice Nicholls said...

Congratulations....your article was brilliant. Loved your layouts too. Well done!!


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