Thursday, March 6, 2014

SBM Master's entry - Part 3 (large photo content)

Hello again everyone
I'm back again today to share part 3 of my Scrapbooking Memories Magazine Master's entry....and oopsy again that it's taken me so long in between my entry posts (you can blame that pesky little four lettered word - W.O.R.K.!!)
For those who don't know, this competition was held last year, and the 10 "Master's" have already been announced.....but a huge thanks to those who have wished me luck on my previous posts.  Unfortunately, this year wasn't for me....although I was lucky enough to be asked to join Scrapbooking Memories as one of their Creative Team members for this year and I will be having a 2 page article in each months issue....YAY
Ok, so on with my entry.
This one was for the create a 2014 Calendar.
I have included quite a fair amount of pics to try to show my calendar as best as I was a little difficult to photograph to try and show so that you get the full picture/idea of it in just one photo.  So I hope you'll bear with me to the end of my post :)))
This is what I came up with....and I'd hate to think how many hours I put into this - lots of LATE nights (well past midnight), spread over a quite a few days (with work in between too)...the family even pitched in & cooked etc while I was head down, bum to speak.
This is my favourite entry out of the 4 completed....and to say I was disappointed that I didn't get a HM, is a bit of an understatement.  But oh well....them's the breaks - obviously it wasn't what they were looking for & didn't like it as much as me....LOL.
Ok, so I first made all the monthly cards, then had to find something to fit them all in.  I was thinking some kind of box that I could alter & decorate...or something along those lines.
I ended up with a basket...

All the papers & most of the embellishments are from Kaisercraft's "Marigold" collection that I won as my prize for SBM's 2013 People's choice award last year.
I've added some PP, trim & diecut to the basket, to help tie it all in with the monthly cards.


The cards just sit in the basket in monthly order....with their positioning alternating from left to right....I prefered this idea, rather than them all sitting in single file behind each other (makes them a bit easier to see) plus it helped fill the basket!! lol

Each card has a heap of machine a few different pockets and openings.
Depending on the month, some have more pockets than others....but each month has at least 2 pockets.


Each month also has a pullout tab like this...from the main verticle pocket, and the idea is to add photos (front & back) from things that happened for that month....or for a bit of journaling perhaps :)



Each month has a printed calendar on the front, that I found online.

Plus each month is embellished with co-ordinating embellishments.

For months that have a lot happening, such as a few birthday's etc, I've added an extra
pocket that runs horizontal & sticks out to one side of the main card,
as you can see above (the green bit poking out)...all stitched together with the top side left open to create the pocket.




I've used LOTS of 2Crafty chipboard to least one piece on just about every month.
(LOVE my 2Crafty!! <3 <3 <3)

The back's of each month is nicely decorated with PP's as well.

This one has another extra pocket....all for extra storage of bit's n bob's from the month's events.

And here you can see the back of the pockets.  So there's 2 back pockets in this one - one vertical & one it has the opening card at the front (I have a pic of the inside of a few cards further down in my details of a front pocket)



Now for a bit of a look at the inside....

This is the inside of one of the cards....a little clip board type sheet with the dates of things to remember, with room on the inside cover for more photos or other bits & pieces from events that happened, such as tickets etc etc.  PLUS I have left space when gluing the card down, for another pocket behind each there's lots & lots of storage available for each month :)

And here's the inside of a few more cards.
So there you have my 2014 Calendar....which sits on a shelf in my scrap room
(I'm yet to add any photos etc to it....just need to find the time to sit & get started on it!)
If you are still with me after such a long post....a HUGE thank you!
I hope you have enjoyed seeing my calendar.
Thanks so much for dropping by...xx


bel said...

Well I love your calendar too!!
Please don't wait too long to start filling it up, the yr is zooming past and it would be such a shame for it not to be used!!
Congrats on your 2 page spread! What an accomplishment!!

Tina Ollett said...

Linda I totally agree with you....this calendar is just beautiful. Maybe this year will be your year - are you going to give it another go??

Lizzyc said...

Oh wow what a wonderful creation.. such a lot of work, and it looks great.. love the papers, perhaps next year will be your year for the masters!!

Lizzy Hill said...

Well, you satisfied this old sticky beak with the photos - looks fabulous & really handy as well! Course, you know what I'd be doing.....adding the birthday cards for each month tucking them in behind each of the month's tabs...just a thought....maybe you're already doing that!!!! Love it, anyways. Here's your Lizzy Hill HD:):)

Eila Sandberg said...

Oh Linda this is FABULOUS! I seriously love love love your calendar! it shows you've put in sooo much work into creating this. Everything is so neat and just beautiful. xoxo

Val Thorpe said...

OMG these cards are gorgeous and they must have taken you forever to make. I love the idea of a basket so you can see them. I love this idea and the cards... you are one talented lady.

Lauren Tomecek said...

Wow, no wonder it took you so long to complete, there is so much work involved in each month. I really like the idea of the pockets to get mementos of the events.

Margaret Mifsud said...

My goodness Linda, there is so much detail and work involved in this creation, it must have taken an age to put together. It is absolutely gorgeous!! An absolutely fabulous idea and beautifully put together. Love it!! ox

Denise van Deventer said...

This is such a neat idea for a calendar and you really created a beautiful one! Love the idea of it being in this gorgeous basket too! You really put a lot of time and effort into this and it sure turned out so beautifully! You certainly are sooooo talented Linda! xx

Helen Tilbury said...

Gorgeous. You are way better than many of the Masters chosen in the past (haven't seen the latest ones yet) & you WILL be chosen. It is just a matter of time. Don't give up. It's an accolade you deserve. Great idea - love this calendar & the beautiful colour/print mixes.


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