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Creative Team Article on "ways with washi" for Scrapbooking Memories Vol. 17 No. 4

Hi All,
Just thought I'd try and catch up on some of the details from my CT articles for SBM while things are bit quiet here on my blog :)
Although my time as creative team member is officially over (insert sad face), I still have a few articles to share, and I'll be adding them to my blog over the coming weeks.  I'd like to send a big congratulations out to Kim Price & Katie Howard, who are the 2 new CT members for 2015!
Enjoy the ride ladies :)
For my article in Vol. 17 No. 4 I decided to do something on Washi tape
& just some of its many uses!
My layouts demonstrate just a few of the techniques from the article on using washi tape.
The article also included other ideas, such as covering embellishments, creating flags, washi die-cuts, creating hinged tabs for extra space/layers on your page...and also using washi as journaling strips.
I am sure there are many other ways of using this amazing verstatile products.
So here are the layouts I created for this article.....
"Our Little Ray of Sunshine"
So, in case you can't tell....I've used a heap of different washi tapes to create my background.
No patterned paper was used in the creation of this (this is probably a first for me!)
I gathered all the washi tapes from my stash & picked out the ones that would work best, then just tore them into different lenghts & layered them across the page in a verticle fashion. 
I love the effect of this...especially with all the bright colours & a tiny smidgen of black added!
Here's a few close ups....


I have also added some random stamping in black on top of the washi strips....which helps to add a little more interest plus an extra dimension.  I used an archival ink so that it wouldn't smudge.


 Next layout......

For this layout I've used washi in a few different ways.
A cute little banner....and also created some really easy feathers,
that was also part of a step x step in the article.
Here's a bit of a close up of the feathers....

These are the steps for creating a washi feather.....
1.       Cut 2 pieces of Washi tape to the length you would like for your feather, then cut 1 piece of string so that it is slightly longer.  The string will form the quill of the feather.
2.       Lay one piece of Washi over the string so that the string is roughly in the centre, with a little bit of string left hanging out at the bottom.  Press it down firmly once it is in the correct position.
3.       Turn it over, and press the 2nd Washi strip to the opposite side so that both sticky sides are together, taking care to line the edges up evenly.
4.       Cut the top and bottom of your strip to shape so that it resembles the shape of a feather.  Now cut slits diagonally down each side at close intervals to create the “feathers”.  Ruffle them up for a more realistic look
For the banner....simply double a strip of washi so that it "hangs"over a length of twine ...repeat until you have the required amount of banners, altering the length of each, then cut a V shape out from the bottom of each piece.....and tadahhhh you have yourself a cute little colourful banner :)

So that is the end of yet another article.
I have 2 more to share....and will get to them as soon as time permits.
In the meantime....I most likely won't be posting on my blog again before Christmas, so I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a very Happy Christmas & a bright & posperous New Year.  I hope you all have a lovely day spent with those who are dear to you :)
Until next time....Take care & I shall see you all on the flip side :)  xx


Lizzy Hill said...

Hullo! You had time for commenting.....shock, horror;)!!!!! Thanks for leaving so much blog love...yeah, I're gonna tell me that's my lot for a while, eh??!!!! It was funny reading your comment on the present LO.... & I have to tell you, the bg don't take long at all.... Maybe an hour tops. I DO like my slap it on technique. Highly specialised...NOT!!!!!! Anyways, it's nice to re-visit your articles. Loooove the washi bg....& I keep forgetting washi banners - they look FAB too:):) merry, merry Christmas my friend - have a wonderful, blessed time:):)

Margaret Mifsud said...

Gorgeous layouts and fab techniques Linda!!! Love the bright colours on the first and your feathers on the second one are so cute!! Beautiful work as always!! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas as well and a safe and Happy New year!! God Bless!! ox

Val Thorpe said...

Great layouts and wonderful ways to use washi tape. I can't believe all the people who still have time to post over this time. I am so far behind :P Hope you are having a wonderful holiday. <3

Lynette Jacobs said...

Thank you for all the love you left on my blog. Your pages are so pretty...the first one so bright and beautiful...and it reminds me that I haven't got washi in my stash...can you believe that?

Trusting that you had an awesome blessed time with your family...and Happy Birthday for today xx

Helen Tilbury said...

Oh wow za!! Amazing feathers!!! Love!!! All the best for 2015 xo


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