Wednesday, December 31, 2014

20 Favourites for 2014

Just thought I'd jump on the bandwagon of sharing some of my favourite layouts created for 2014, as I usually do each year.  It has certainly been a fairly hectic year! 
Here are a few statistics on numbers of layouts I've created for the year....
DT work for All About Scrapbooks -  65 layouts & 12 cards
CT work for Scrapbooking Memories - 15 layouts, 2 Canvas' & 1 BTP Christmas wreath
DT work for Kaisercraft (including application projects) - 29 layouts, 18 cards & 16 BTP projects
(this is only 6 months worth as position only started in July 2014)
Master's entries - 3 layouts & 1 journal cover
Non DT work -  6 layouts & 1 tag
Things I can't tell you about (just yet!) - 3 layouts
That's a total of...........
121 layouts
31 cards/tags
20 BTP projects

At first I was a little shocked at just how much I have done this year, considering I am a fairly slow scrapper! But then when I really think about it, that's only 2.something layouts per week?! 
Hmmmm, it sure felt like I did way more than that ...knowing me, I've probably forgot to add some of what I've done.  Either that or it just felt like I spent a heap of time in my scrap room! LOL
Ok so on with my fav layouts (excluding those that are awaiting, or have recently been, published).
I was planning on only choosing 14 (seeings it's 2014), but it was really really hard to choose only 14 from 121 instead, you get to see 20! LOL

In no particular order....

"Gog & Magog"

 Created as part of my very first CT article for SBM - Vol. 16 No. 7
 "Olivia Grace"
 All About Scrapbooks - Feb DT work


All About Scrapbooks - July DT work
Kaisercraft - July DT work
 "The 12 Apostles"
All ABout Scrapbooks - May DT work
"The Long-Room"
 All ABout Scrapbooks - September DT work

"Destination Unknown"

CT article for SBM - Vol. 17 No. 1
All About Scrapbooks - November DT work

Kaisercraft - July DT work
"Funny Faces" 
All About Scrapbooks - September DT work
"Along the selfie trail" 
Kaisercraft - August DT work
"The G.O.R"
CT article for SBM - Vol 17 No. 5
"The Merry little Christmas crack-up"

Kaisercraft - August DT work
"St Stephen's Green"

All About Scrapbooks - July DT work
"Our little ray of sunshine"

CT article for SBM - Vol. 17  No. 4
"A day on the Harbour"
Kaisercraft - December DT work
"Dublin Famine Statues" 
All About Scrapbooks - October DT work
"Hello Beautiful" 

Kaisercraft - December DT work
"The Greatest View" 
All About Scrapbooks - February DT work
"Ha'penny Bridge"

Kaisercraft - October DT work

Having looked back over the pages for the year, I can't help but notice that I tend to scrap more holiday/landscape type photos than ones of people....hmmmmm, not sure exactly what this means!
Either:  (a.)  I don't have as many "people" shots as I do holiday/scenery ones....or (b.) I just prefer to scap these style of photos?!?
I think it may just be a bit of both :)
So, this brings my last post for 2014 to a close.
Thank you to those who continually visit & comment on my work - I really do
appreciate YOU & think you are just the BEST!! 
I shall see you all next year....
errrr, which is only a couple of days away..... but I just had to say that! LOL
Happy New Year everyone....stay safe & have a good one tonight! xx


Adriana B said...

Happy New Year to you too :)
wonderful projects you have created throughout the year

Kerry said...

These layouts are all so beautiful and I always look forward to seeing your posts. Happy New Year. xx

Lizzyc said...

Thanks for sharing these layouts, I love them all, and that is an amazing lot of creations for the year! have a Happy New Year too!

Lizzy Hill said...

That's a lot of projects. I'm afraid to count mine!!!! Loved seeing all yours...that Chrissy fun one still grabs me--- & it's one of the people ones, too:):) hoping 2015 sees you as busy scrapping as 2014 has been--- entirely selfish - I do enjoy your work:):) see ya next year!!!!

Lynette Jacobs said...

You have really scrapped up a storm this year...and each of your pages are so beautiful...I will never get tired of looking at your beautiful have such an amazing style. xx

Fiona said...

Wow Linda, that is so much scrapping!! Love your choices for faves, gorgeous work always xx

Helen Tilbury said...

Wow that is a great achievement! Sadly I have so much admin work for my teams that I spend many hours a week on my scrapping but am not that productive!!

Margaret Mifsud said...

So much scrapping!!! Wow!! And all of it stunning!! I so love your work Linda and am looking forward to seeing more of it this year!! Am finally getting back into my blog visits, been a bit slack lately and have missed out on quite a lot of inspo. Love your work!! ox


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