Sunday, February 28, 2010

A FREE class.....

This Thursday night, 4th March at 8pm at Scrapbook N Bits - hosted by the very talented & lovely Jane Butler!!! 
You can check it all out on the forum  HERE

There is also an optional kit available for just $9.95!!.... check it out HERE 
Otherwise, just using your own stash will be fine.    If you can't make it on Thursday night, no probs...the class instructions etc will be up on the forum indefinitely for you to complete at your own leisure :)

Would love to see some new faces come along & join in for Jane's why not pop in to the forum on Thursday night for some good old fashioned scrapping & chatting! :)

Hope to see you there.......


Monique said...

I can't wait Linda - I think it will be a super fun night!!!

Melinda said...

oooh I would love to come to do one of Jane's classes. Hmmmm I better sign up hey!

Linda said...

That would be awesome Min...would love to see you there! :)


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