Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week 3 - FMS Oct photo a day....

Hi there lovely peeps...I hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend!
I'm back to share another weeks worth of photos for the Oct photo a day challenge at Fat Mum Slim, so I'll get right to it!

15.  Dinner time - Oscar woofing into his dinner
16.  Something you wrote - list of scrap challenges for Oct that I'm hoping to complete (not liking my chances on all of them though!)
17.  Fruit - Grapes...and liquid
18.  Made you smile today - Finding this pic on hubby's camera :)
19.  Letters - AC Thickers
20.  4 O'clock - my watch at 4pm & drinks & nibbles we were having at the time.

21.  Calm - watering the garden, which I always find very relaxing & calming :)
Okie dokes....until next time, folks...thanks so much for dropping by!  xx


Di Garling said...

Fab pics Linda, I would love to do one of these challenges. One day maybe!! Cheers Di xo

Sandra said...

Good morning Linda, I love the photo of you and hubby with the vignette (think that's how to spell it) around the edges. All the photos look good but that was my fave.

Helen Tilbury said...

Brilliant photos & so interesting! Love your Fossil watch!!

Monique said...

Fantastic photos Linda - such great angles, love the watering one!

Melinda said...

WOW gorgeous photos Linda! Love all the way you take your photos..what sort of camera do you have? The one of you and hubby is my fav..Thanks so much for leaving a lovely message on my blog, so happy that you stopped by :)xo

Lynette said...

Great photos Linda. I love your watch too;-)


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