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Instructions on the textured backgrounds for my 2crafty canvases & altered photo album

Hi everyone..... welcome!
Today I'm going to share my projects from my 2crafty DT blog post that went up on 1st April...including the techniques I applied to my canvases.  If you've already seen my post over on the 2crafty blog, my apologies....but on a positive note, you will get to see my instructions on the textured backgrounds I created, that weren't shared on the 2crafty blog.  The instructions are right after all the other info on the canvases & altered album if you want to jump straight to them.  If you're after the chipboard techniques, then you can see them over on the 2crafty blog HERE
So lets get right to will be a rather long post :)
"Home is where your {heart} is" 

There is a total of 10 different 2crafty pieces on the 3 canvases.  I tried to create a little scene using  pieces that would suit a "Home" theme.
Here is each canvas individually.....starting with the centre one

For the centre canvas I've used 4 different 2crafty pieces.... "Home is where the heart is" title,  a piece cut from the 11" Viney FrameOrnate Window Frame  & ATC Butterflies
 Here are some close up shots
For details on the techniques applied to the chipboard, pop over to the 2crafty blog HERE


Now for the 2nd canavas, which sits to the left side of the middle one above.
There's 3 different 2 crafty pieces on this one - Old Fence,  Letter Box  &  ATC Doves
I had a heap of fun working with the Old Fence - If you want to see how I got the fence like this, pop over to the 2crafty blog :)
I really love the results of this technique!

And lasty the 3rd canvas, which sits on the right of the set

3 pieces on this one....Swirly Leaf TreeGrass Clump  & ATC Birdhouse
I wanted to get the same authentic timber look for the trunk of the Swirly Leaf Tree, so it was done exactly the same way as the fence post on the canvas above.   
I just LOVE how that tree trunk came out!!!   It seems to give the tree so much character :)

So, there you have my set of 3 canvases.....are you still with me??  lol
Now for the background texture technique.
Firstly, lots of people have asked what the meshy stuff is on the is Gyprockers tape that I got from my local hardware (Bunnings).  I can't remember how much it cost, but it wasn't too expensive...and I love it!
  • To start off with, I applied strips of the gyprockers tape to the canvas - the tape is sticky on one side, so it makes it really easy to adhere....I made sure that the edges were not cut in a straight line so that it had a rough looking edge (I literally just hacked into it with the scissors!).
  • Once the tape was applied, I gave the whole canvas a couple of coats of gesso.
  • After drying...I then added texture paste using my Crafters Workshop "Textured Tile" template, making sure I got a heap of the texture paste into the template to get as much depth as possible.
  • Once the texture paste was dry, I then started playing with my Tattered Angels glimmermists....randomly spraying 3 different colours - Wheatfields - Slate - Burlap - and letting them bleed into each other.  Once each layer was dry, I'd add more squirts & layers of glimmermist, until I was happy with the coverage & colours.
  • At this stage, I still wasn't completely happy with the texture & the look of the canvases...I felt it needed something extra.  So I pulled out my embossing powders...and using Kaisercraft "Arty" textured stamp & Embossing ink, I randomly stamped & applied black embossing powder to start with....then did the same with some gold embossing powder....then went to work with my you-beaut-macho-heat-gun to heat & set it all!
  • I don't think the stamping worked too well against the textured background....the embossing powder just seemed to stick to the meshy & textured bits and you really can't see the stamp pattern in there at all, which I think still worked out fine, but if you're wanting to give this technique a try, I don't think it matters what stamp you use, if any stamp at all.  It would probably still give a great effect if you just randomly swiped your embossing ink over the textured background rather than using a stamp.  Ok, I'm rambling
  • The last thing to finish off the background was to add a few drops & splatters of Mr Huey's "Calico white" mist....then, whalllllaaaahhhh, your background is now done & ready to add what ever strikes your fancy.
Here is a shot taken before I started adding my chipboard & embellishments

Hopefully, with the instructions above, and this close up photo,
you'll get the gist of how I created my backgrounds. 
Ok....2nd project....
An altered photo of those cheap ones you get from the cheapo stores. 
 I got this one from The Reject Shop & it was solid black in colour before I started altering....
4 pieces of 2crafty were used....Ana's VineSkeleton LeavesGraceful Butterfly  & Vintage Keys
Skeleton Leaves - Have I mentioned before that I love these leaves!
A close up of the Graceful Butterfly


and lastly....the gorgeous Vintage Key
Some people seem to be put off or a bit daunted by doing OTP or altered projects.
Just treat it like it's a piece of cardstock & you're about to create a textured background's that easy.
This is what I did for the textured background
  • I first covered the whole album in gesso as an undercoat.
  • Then using my 6x6 hexagon template & texture paste, I set to work on the background, working my way around the front of the album until I had the coverage I was happy with.  (I didn't apply the textured template work to the back or spine of the album...they are just simply coated in gesso & painted with the watered down slate glimmermist)
  • I then added another coat of gesso....applying it with my brush using a dabbing motion to give a little more added texture.
  • I then added the colour guessed it (lol), painting on some watered down "Slate" GM, and not being too fussed about even coverage.
  • Once it was all dry, I then added some random flicks & splatters of Slate Glimmermist (full strength, not watered down) and Mr Huey's Calico White mist. 

So there you have completed textured background.
I hope you found my info helpful  :)

Now for my last project
Which is a little Kaisercraft OTP handbag - that I've had in my stash for donkeys years.
Yay that I've finally done something with it!!! lol
3 different 2 crafty pieces on this little cutie! - Ornate BuckleFrench Lace Border  & the word "create" from the ATC word pack
And now for some close ups


And lastly, Create from the ATC word pack.
Thanks so much for dropping by & taking the time to read through my babble.
I hope you have enjoyed the techniques & are inspired to give them a try.
Take care and happy scrapping!  xx


Fiona said...

Linda, I LOVE all these and thanks for sharing your techniques, they are amazing!

Lauren said...

Looks like I'm off to bunnings tomorrow to find me some gyprocker tape! :) Thanks so much for sharing.

Marelize said...

Super projects and such clever techniques Linda! Great inspiration. Thanks for sharing. xx

Lynette said...

Thank you for sharing your secrets with us. I am always amazed at the texture in your is so beautiful.

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Gorgeous work!!!

Bente Fagerberg said...

Thanks for sharing some of your tips with us. These projects look Amazing and are all so different.I love them!!

Helen Tilbury said...

Thanks for this Linda! That tape is a must-have and I'm saving this link for a more detailed read!!


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