Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Week 1 - Fat Mum Slim - April photo a day

Hi everyone...and a big welcome to my new followers.....It's lovely to have you here :)

I thought I'd try to get back on track with the FMS photo a day challenge.  March was a total right off...so I thought I'd start fresh for April.  Plus, I'm only going to be sharing the pics here on my blog, and not on facebook as I previously did.

Sooooo, on with the pics!

1.  Play - I seem to be hooked on this very addictive game!
(and yep, I am a cheap skate when it comes to buying letters...
hence my stash of coins that I've gathered...lol)

2.  Blue - Kate Moss.....Velvet Hour perfume <3

3.  Something beginning with A - My favourite thing to snack on....Almonds!

4.  This happened today - Some long overdue weeding
5.  Something good - Getting away for a few days :)

6.  Air - Early morning air...and on top of the hill, some wind turbines swooshing through the air with each revolution 

7.  Dreamy - Dreamy sun beams pushing their way through the clouds.
Have a great week everyone!  xx


Lizzy Hill said...

Good on you, Linda! These are really lovely - especially the perfume one:):)

Charlotte said...

Absolutely beautiful photos! I love looking at your photos. :) :)
My favourite snack also is Almonds.
I look forward to see more beautiful photos.

Lynette said...

I do love to see your beautiful photos.

Helen Tilbury said...

Beautiful photos! Your photography us anazing!!


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