Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Week 2 - April FMS photo a day

Hi everyone,
Wow, another week has just flown here is my next lot of photos for the FMS photo a day challenge.....
8.  On your plate - Delicious avocado...YUM

9.  Tiny - This tiny kangaroo ornament stands about 2cm high....& it's sooo cute!

10.  A place - An old derelict house that I found whilst out exploring.
I'm sure, back in it's day, it would have been a grande old place.
11.  Detail - An old Holden ute .... that is covered in mozaic tiling.
The detail is just amazing (an older picture from earlier in the Deniliquin)

12.  In the middle - I found this "half" of a tree while out walking...and as you can see, the middle of it is exposed .  It looks as though it may have been struck by lightening?....straight down the middle & that would also explain why it's burnt inside too?
Ok, I just had to share this second photo for the "In the middle" prompt
because I think it's just crazy!!!

In the middle......of the road - a telegraph pole!!!
Taken in the town where I live...the building on the far left is a brand new building and at some point during the beginning of the building process....they put this telegraph pole in the middle of the road (well, not exactly the "middle" - but it's on the road!!)  Initially I thought it would just be temporary ....but it's been there for many months now & the building has been finished for quite some time as well....and as you can's still there ON the road!!!
Perhaps it's there to stay....only in this town would such a thing happen!
(took this one with my new point & shoot camera (Lumix LX7) that plans to live in my handbag)
13.  View from your bed - taken while sitting on the end corner, looking across to the corner & into the dresser mirror looking back to the bed.

14.  Water -  straight from the tap....& filtered, of course :)
1 more week done & dusted....yay
Happy hump day :)  xx


Lizzy Hill said...

Firstly, GLAD you got your Lumix!! Go you:):) Great photos...the town pole one struck [not literally!] me....weird....& my fave is the Old Brick Home. I just wanna find it & rescue it!! Looks like it could be WAY COOL to live in:):):):)

Jasmine S said...

Awesome pics Linda. Love that pole in the

Helen Tilbury said...

Amazing photos! Would love to see a post on your camera, lenses & photo editing process!! Re Dublin we were only there for a day but went to Ballsbridge as that's where our cousins live. They took us to the 4 Seasons for lunch & we shopped at a little mall with a nice coffee shop but not sure of the name :) We just walked up some streets with the famous lady statue (forgotten the name for now!) & the needle etc...

Helen Tilbury said...

Molly Molone :)

Helen Tilbury said...

Let's try that again...Molly Malone!


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