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Creative Team article on creating layers for Scrapbooking Memories - Vol. 16 No. 10

Hello everyone....I hope you are all well & enjoying your day/night
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Today I am sharing 2 layouts that formed part of my 4th article as Creative Team member for Scrapbooking Memories....the article is titled "Creating Layers"
and is published in Vol. 16 No. 10.
My article originally started out as a different topic.
Layouts for said different topic were created & mailed off, along with an email that included my article.  But then it became apparent that said article would be a future I had to come up with some quick thinking to change my article...but as I said, my layouts had already been created & sent!  But alas, the dilema was soon averted & I came up with a new topic that would suit the layouts that had already been done :)))
Alls well that ends well :)
So this is the first layout
As you can see, this one has LOTS of layers...all from the gorgeous Teresa Collins "Memorabilia" collection which has lots of papers that were perfect for cutting out little bits to create these layers.
I tend to have 2 processes for creating my takes more time, and is what I've used in this first layout.  I only use little pieces of paper with this process and they all get tucked here and there in behind each other...there are no papers or layers in under the photo!
(no point putting it there if it's not going to be seen).
For this process I generally start at the top, just in under the photo, and play around with placement ....then I start layering down, placing more pieces in behind, and so on and so on.  And nothing gets stuck down until I am fairly happy with the look.  This can get a bit tricky to try and get everything stuck down without it all you can either take a photo of the placed layers to refer back to, and/or lightly mark each corner with a pencil so that it can easily be put back into the right position as things WILL move while you are adhering your layers down.
And a little, but huge to not glue/tape your layers too close to the outer edges!
  Place your DS tape or glue as far away from the outer edge as you can as this will then give you plenty of room to be able to add more bits where needed.
Although this is a more timely way to add your layers, it is the way I would prefer to do it, and just think of all the paper you will have for more layouts!
Here are a few close up shots....

A small cluser.....and you can also see some of the layers....all inked & distressed.

And another cluster - with some gorgeous 2Crafty chipboard <3

So the bits of the layers that you can see sticking out here, each piece is not much bigger than what you can see ....only a small bit is in under the top layer.


Distressing & inking the edges gives more definition to your layers, and also helps to add a bit more "height" to the layers as well, as you can see here.

Ok, now for the next layout....and 2nd process that I use to create my layers.
"His first bike"

I generally only use this process when time is limited!  And that is to use whole pieces that are from top to bottom, so to speak...rather than the snippets in the previous process.  When I am creating my layers this way, I do the opposite from the process above, and start at the bottom & work my way up to the photo, which is what I have done with this layout.
So, in case I have totally confused
As an example, the blue spotty paper that is at the top & bottom of my layered area is one piece of paper that runs in under all the layers that are on top of it.  Whereas if I was doing this with my preferred process above, I would cut the blue spotty paper into 2 small strips and then poke them in under the red chevron layer that is on top.
Ok, got it? lol


Layered shapes up on some foam tape gives great height & definition.


You can even use chipboard to form part of your layers - 2Crafty for me, of course!

So there you have my article on layers....that was quickly transformed from something else to this!
I hope you have enjoyed your visit & can make sense of me trying to explain my layers!
Until next time....take care. xx


Lynette Jacobs said... know I am a huge fan of your...that top layout is awesome. I would love to "see" your process to get those bitty pieces down without everything moving..that must be quite something. Love your second page too...that is the way I generally layer.

Lizzy Hill said...

LOL....This was an article that I really, really enjoyed - I think cos it made me think about what I did, & I have to say, I have taken to doing what you do with the top page a fair bit after reading your article!! So thank you:):)

Margaret Mifsud said...

Awesome!! Great explanation of the different layering techniques Linda, and something even a card maker needs to think about!! Two very different pages but I loved them both!! Stunning work as always!! ox

Lizzyc said...

I love layers too and I have been creating like your top page for quite some time.. Love your layouts, especially the top one.. stunning photo and love all those layers!!

Val Thorpe said...

You know what. I love this magazine and it is the only one that I still buy for real... not on my ipad - if you know what I mean. I love that when I open the issues I see your layouts or tutorials. Like this one. I love both of these layouts and I guess I work the same way with mine... sometimes one way sometimes another. Whatever the case I just love your layouts and your style. <3 thanks for constantly inspiring :D


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