Sunday, November 2, 2014

Creative Team Article on Colour for Scrapbooking Memories - Vol. 17 No. 2

A big hello to everyone again.
Yep, I'm back, yet again....still trying to play catch up!
I am a wee bit behind on sharing my pages created for my Scrapbooking Memories CT articles....but I guess I'll eventually get there sooner or later!
For this article in Vol. 17 No. 2, which was an issue where the theme was colour....I thought this was a great opportunity to share how I go about choosing what colours to use for my layouts.
I have had people ask me this question again, perfect opportunity to share with everyone.
Basically, I go for colours in my photos when choosing what papers & embellishments to use.
But when I have to work with a particular paper collection for DT work, the process is reversed....I then choose a photo that will compliment the colours in the collection I'm working with. is my first layout created for the article.
"The colour Run"

The dominant colour in the 4 photos I've used, is orange....and there is also a bit of blue & green.
I don't always go for every single colour that's in the photos I'm using, but generally try to use at least 1 or 2.  So in the papers & embellishments I've used, you will see some Orange, blue & green.  The colour of the papers/embellishments doesn't have to be the exact shade of the colour in the photo....for me, any shade of that colour will work just fine.
 Placement of the colours from the photos can have a dramatic effect as well.  Because there is so much orange in the photos, when I placed the orange piece of PP directly under the photos, it was just way too much orange...and the photos seemed to blend in, and get lost in amongst so much orange.  So to add another colour or 2 between the photos & the orange piece of paper makes a significant difference and helps the photos stand out more on the page.
I generally don't stick anything down until I'm happy with the I fiddle around with the placement of papers, embellies etc....and this applies not only for the placement of embellies & papers...but also for the arrangement of the colours as well.

Colouring embellishments, such as chipboard, is another great way of getting the colours from your photos onto your page. 



Although there are no set rules regarding colour, and most colours do go together.....if say, I was creating with papers and embellishments that were mostly shades of green....and I had my heart set on scrapping with a photo of Aunt Molly wearing her beautiful purple dress? For me, this combination just wouldn't in this case, I would convert my photo to black and white....which I have demonstrated in the layout below.
Black & white photos will go with any colour this is a handy little tool to be able to convert photos to black & white when they just won't go with the colours of your papers etc.

"Always behind the camera"

So here I have tried to demonstrate the idea of converting photos to black & white, when the colours of the photos just don't go with the colours of the paper.  Although I'm not wearing the purple dress, as I mentioned regarding Aunt Molly (LOL!!!), but imagine if my shirt was purple...or even red....for me this would just totally clash & take away from the colour palette of the papers.
If you're working with a complete paper collection, the manufacturer has done all the colour work for they generally co-ordinate everything just perfectly.  But when you're working with bits and pieces from different collections, this is where a bit more thought needs to be applied in choosing what papers & colours to use :)
I hope that all makes sense!
And as I said previously....there are no rules, but this is what works for me, and is the
process that I use when creating my pages :)
Here are a few close ups ....


So that is all again from me....hopefully I will be back some time soon (ish) to share the details of my next article....which is about journaling & the importance of telling the story :)
Thanks so much for taking the time to read about my article.
Until next time....Happy scrapping!  xx


Lizzyc said...

Thanks for sharing your tips, your layouts are always so lovely, love the layers and designs and well done on your articles in SM too!

Lynette Jacobs said...

Oh Linda...I love the photo of you behind the camera...awesome. I love the way you scrapped it too.

Val Thorpe said...

The colour run is such a fun layout and I love the papers.... clever title :D
My fave is the always behind the camera... same for most of us I reckon. The colours are soft and pretty and work perfectly with a black and white photo.


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