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Creative Team Article on "Telling the Story" for Scrapbooking Memories - Vol 17 No 3

Hi there lovelies :)

Today I am sharing the layouts that formed part of my Creative Team Article for
Scrapbooking Memories, Vol. 17  No. 3 which was on journaling - Telling the story!
I don't know why, but it seems that some scrappers tend to not journal on their layouts...and I do see it quite frequently.  A beautifully designed & thought out page, with all the trendy mixed media & added embellishments - but there's no journaling...which I think is pretty sad :(
What is the purpose of scrapbooking if you're not going to journal about the photos/the story?  Besides ending up with a super stunning years to come, family/descendants are still only going to have pictures to look at, along with a beautifully presented scrap page..... and they'll possibly be wondering who they are, what the photo is about, etc etc etc.
As I said in my article, sadly, I can vouch for this first see, my Nan left my mum a very old leather bound family photo album, that one day will become mine.  It has hundreds of photos in it, mostly from back in the 1800's & early 1900's....and we have no idea who most of them are....nothing is written in it, or behind the photos.  I often wish & wonder - if only we knew more about them...who they all are, what they were doing, why they were there, and so on and so on.  But sadly, it's something we will never know....hence one of the reason I journal on my layouts - if there's no journaling on the front of my layout, it is either hidden or is on the back of the layout....and sometimes I may only have the basics on the front of the layout, with the
FULL story hand written on the back.
Soooooo I really hope that my article got those scrappers who don't, or dread journaling, to really think about get those stories & details down - in writing - not just in a title either.
Your journaling can be either typed or hand written....for me personally, I like to hand write, even though I don't particularly like my own handwriting.  I think it just makes it that little bit more personal by writing on it yourself.  But, if you prefer to have typed journaling....nothing wrong with that at all.  As long as the story is there, that's all that matters :)
To me it is not something that is're just writing down your thoughts, your memories, the details etc of what the photo is about....surely that's not too hard.....right?!?
Anyways...I'll stop bashing you all over the head now!! LOL!
On with the layouts..............
"The Burren"
This is one of my favourite ways to journal - strip journaling.
It's what you'll see on the majority of my layouts.  I find that it fits almost anywhere on the page...can be broken up into different areas, like I have in this layout.....and all you need is some scrap pieces of cardstock or patterned paper.

I generally write my journaling out first before cutting it into strips...and usually in pencil first, to make sure it will fit where I want it to fit etc....then I go over it in pen & rub out the pencil.

Rather than placing the stips straight under each other, I prefer to stager them so that each strip is not in a straight line right underneath each other (I hope that makes sense!)

These pics are from our trip to Ireland last year, at a fascinating place known as "The Burren".
"You & Me"
For this layout, my journaling is hidden on a pull out card under the photo area.
This is one of those photos that I like to scrap more than once.  For this page, I've focused my journaling on the relationship that my daughter & I have, and the difference in our personalities...yet we get on together so well. 
This photo was taken when my son partnered a young lady for her debut...and we all decided to go along when they had some photos taken, and we got a few family shots as well.
So, as you can see, my journaling isn't about the reasons behind the photo, they were documents on a previous page that I have scrapped this same photo....For this layout, it is more on my thoughts etc

Here you can see the little "pull" tab, that pulls out to reveal the journaling on a pull out card.
And here's a few more close ups of the embellishments etc on the page....



 And here is the said hidden journaling.
Thanks so much for dropping by & taking the time to check out my work & details on my article :)
I hope it has given you some food for thought, if you're one of those
scrappers who tends to not journal.
Until next time.... xx


Lizzyc said...

Beautiful layouts, love the layers and clusters.

Val Thorpe said...

You are so right Lou and that is one of the reasons I am so grateful to CSI because before that I was one of the people that made pretty layouts with maybe a date and who it was and nothing else. Now I am going back through all my layouts to add journalling and it is one of the reasons I got into PL.. I think it may be the way forward for me too. So much to document so little time. I love these layouts the first one for obvious reasons ;) and the second one because of the journalling. We seem to have so many similarities and I think you are wrong in that you don't see any resemblance... physically you are mini me's. My DD and I are the same as you two opposites but I see lots of me in her too. Her generosity and her need to help the underdog and so it goes on but the obvious traits like you two have are her father... it is so interesting and I know she will love to read your perceptions in years to come. <3

Lynette Jacobs said...

I love the way you tell the story in addition to creating beautiful pages.

Helen Tilbury said...

Really beautiful pages Linda & I agree with you. Journaling has been sacrificed because of the art of creating cool looking pages. I don't like journaling a lot on my pages but don't have a problem with it when I feel the need & decided a while ago that I actually preferred the look of hand journaling for myself because I think it matches my style more than a slick font.


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