Saturday, January 5, 2013

A tad late with the remainder December photo a day

Gosh, I really don't think December has been a good month for me with the photo a day.  I seem to have gone off the rails  With the lead up to Christmas & then going away on Boxing Day...that's when it all started to go haywire again!  I even missed participating on the FMS FB page for a week or so too :(

But are the final 2 weeks worth of pics for December....

15.  Outdoors - At the end of my street
16.  Something you made - Potato Salad for a Christmas get together
17.  On the floor - the start of some Christmas wrapping
18.  Makes you feel merry - 1 week until this jolly fella makes his visit
19.  Something beginning with S - Spring snow
(this one is an old pic from back in October at Blackheath)

20.  Weather - Hot & dry with a slight wind!
(sunset shot taken at the end of my street)

21.  Tree - A chinese elm in my backyard
 22.  Decoration - A snow globe with a light that changes colour
(received as a gift from work last year)
23.  Joy is - The gift of giving
24.  Tradition (something you always do) - Lots of indulgence of wine over the Christmas period
(this one wasn't taken by me....stole it off the net!!!  lol)
25.  Lunchtime - Christmas lunch
26.  Mess - Just a small part of it!
27.  How you relax - after a day on the road
28.  Cold - Irish Pear Cider
29.  Hot - Camp kitchen (stirring the pot, as he always does! lol)
30.  Something that made you smile this year - lots of things, but one that really touched me & brought a massive smile to my face was receiving these totally gorgeous cards in the mail all the way from the Ukraine from the super talented Victoria Freze (thanks again Victoria...they mean the world to me! ♥)
31.  Self portrait - Taken at The Grotto along The Great Ocean Road
Still no scrapping that I can share....sorry!
Hopefully I'll have some soon :)
For those in Australia...take care & be safe in this terrible heat wave that we're experiencing....supposed to be a top of 42c here today & 43 tomorrow! (for those who use Fahrenheit, that's 107.6/109.4...which is bloody hot!)
Until next


Sandra said...

Lovely photos Linda, I see you had some bubbles for Christmas, my grandchildren love those and it wouldn't matter if they got them until they were late teens, they all have fun with them. We had a long winded fb session last night, I'm sorry i shared that status now as I really think it was a scam/hoax. My hubby made me run a scan after I logged off but there didn't seem to be any serious bugs thank goodness. Have a great weekend and we may see you on the road sometime as we're caravaners as well.

Linda Langes said...

Linda your photos are amazing - I just love checking them out! Hope you're coping with the heat alright and you are safe from bush fire danger where you live. Always a scary time of the year for us Aussies:(

Lizzy Hill said...

Hope you're surviving the heat - not half as bad here on the coast...LOVE these photos - think my fave is the camp fire....he looks like a great stirrer!!!!!!!!!!!

Lynette said...

Beautiful photos Linda. Wishing you and your family much peace and joy for 2013.

I love it that your Christmas meal is so similar to ours...must be the hot weather in the Southern Hemisphere.

Victoria Freze said...

Linda, I love watching your play with Photo a Day, you can see interesting moments in everything. I was so happy to find there my cards and to know that they bring such a massive smile to your face:)
I still haven't used to the fact that it can be spring in October, so I was confused for a while reading about the 19th picture :)
I hope you'll have safe days in Australia in such hot period. take care!


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