Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Australia Day & week 3 - photo a day challenge

Hi there lovely peeps....
Firstly, Happy Australia Day to all the Aussies out there...I hope you have a good one!

Now for week 3 photos for the Fat Mum Slim photo a day challenge....

15.  An ordinary moment - Flicking through the latest Scrapbooking Memories mag & spotting one of my layouts :)

16.  Two things - Gog & MaGog at the Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road
{using a pic from our holiday earlier this month as I didn't get a chance to get a photo today}

17.  Ready - For an early morning walk
{5.45am - because it's the best time of day to beat the horrid heat wave we are having}
18. Shadow - On the water at Menindee Lakes
{another older photo -  left my run too late this day & it ended up overcast}
19. Delicious - So delicious, all that's left is the
20. Something you saw - Sunrise on our early morning walk
{taken with my phone, so not the best pic}
20. Something {He} saw - A turtle that we rescued off the road on our early morning walk :)
{another one taken with my phone}
21. What you do - my paid "what I do" is typing dictations
{yep, phone}
Okie doke....that's all from me for now...I'm off for one of those early morning walks again :)
Have a great day everyone!  xx


Keren Tamir said...

Beautiful photos and congrats!!!

Victoria Freze said...

have a happy Australia day! )

Lizzy Hill said...

Might have to join in again next month - you've got me all inspired..but what's this 'ordinary' moment seeing a LO in a for ME, that is an EXTRAordinary moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a lovely Oz Day:):):)

Amy Voorthuis said...

Hope you had a great day...such a great looking dog!!! Wow you page in a magazine that's so cool congrats to you xxx Amy

Eila Sandberg said...

Not one bit surprised to see your work in any magazine! they are perfect publishing material all of them! Congratulations! xoxox

Helen Tilbury said...

Great photos again Linda! Congratulations on another publication!! For me it is still not just an ordinary moment when I get a mag I'm in - I'm jumping about the house showing all and sundry LOL!!


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