Thursday, January 31, 2013

First layout...

Over at Scrap Friends they are having a lot of fun sharing their very first layouts I thought I'd join in on the fun too :)

To be honest, I really do not remember which layout was the very first one I created...I have no clue!
But I know that this one I'm about to share was one created in the first few months of me starting to scrap....which would have been approximately 2002

Isn't it a lot different to how I scrap now?? lol
Or can you see me & my style in there just a little bit?
The torn piece at the very top is Vellum 
 something I don't ever use anymore...I don't even have any in my stash.
The 3 little rose things at the bottom are something I used to buy a lot of....and still have some stashed away somewhere.  They are Rebecca Sower - Fresh Cuts...I used to love them!
Brads & buttons were usually a feature on my pages too....and journaling - I've always loved to journal & tell the story.
This story is about my Grandparents & it reads {in case you can't see it}.....
"This photo of my maternal Bentley granparents was taken in 1945 as they were walking down George Street in Sydney.  The story behind the photo is that Nan is pregnant with their last child, Aunty Kaye, and that she was annoyed with Grandfather because he wouldn't put out his cigarette, and had taken his tie off!  Hence the body language in Nan and the distance between them as they walked!"
If you'd like to join in on sharing your first layout....head on over to the Scrap Friends blog!


Lizzy Hill said...

Oh! This is FUN - I'm having an absolute GIGGLE visiting all these...errr....'interesting' 1st LOs...beautiful photo matting....& have you heard the whisper? Vellum's making a come back. True whisper!!!! Interesting, though, I think your 'eye' for putting a design together is there, right back 'then':):) Brave sharer:):)!!!!!!!!

Charlotte said...

So fun to see one of your first layouts. I also used those Rebecca Sower fresh cuts. :) It's fun to see how everything are in squares. - I did that too. :) And the double photomat. So fun.
Thanks for sharing, Linda. :)

Victoria Freze said...

I couldn't even imagine the very first LO of yours :) Anyway, I still read the journaling with pleasure, you always notice so many details, I love it!

Lizzy Hill said...

Took your advice ...moved the followers up a bit higher. Think I've got too much on the sidebar...might have to have a cleanup/out!!!!!!! Thanks for the vote of confidence:):):)

Lynette said...

I have looked at my first albums and cringed...I thought I was pretty good at the time. My oh my, has my style changed a lot over the years.

Helen Tilbury said...

Not a bad effort at all Linda :-D Good job in fact!! I would love to find my fists layout & post it and had the intention of doing that some time this year - just need to find it!! You have all the elements of a great layout there - I didn't even know journaling existed for months as no-one told me!!

Lizzyc said...

Hi This looks really good! I used to have vellum and it is still probably there some where under neath all the newer stuff~~ haha!! Love the photo and the journalling is wonderful too..


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